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Watchout Theres Ghosts lyrics : "Ghost Town"

[Verse 1]
This room is so cold
It feels like a ghost

Right here in my home
The dead will riot and they'll roam
Flipping off the lights, try to chase me out

Pulling at my hair just to hear a shout
I know you're here with me
You're not dead but you wish you could be

In my bed with me inside your skin

I'm not giving in, I'm not giving in


Watch the shutters
Watch 'em tremble now
In the silence

In the night spun out
And violently the ghost will roam
Always strung out, never alone

[verse 2]
I wake up so scared

I know that you're there
A breath from your lungs
Froze my heart to life in fear

Static on the screen, try to reel me in
Mute the silent scream, anything to win
Cut a slit straight down my chest

Sink within, wear my ribs as a vest


In my bed with you inside my skin
You're not giving in, you're not giving in


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