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WATCH ME FALL lyrics : "Worn Out"

...Gently blows the wind, and the ashes fly
So the dead cover those who yet have to die
And when the last embers flicker away

Maybe the new dawn will show the way (or lead me astray...)

Right from the start inviable and shallow

A $#[email protected] scarecrow, no path to follow

In this cold caress I've grown to live and breathe

All my memories they seem to twist and fade away
What was my kingdom has turned to lead me to my grave
Now all the wrath is gone and there ate no more words to say

Time, embrace me now (embrace to set me free)
And in a moment you are gone (gone to give me peace)

In my world it all has turned to grey so long ago
I'm only what I despise and for now that's all I know

"Scenes from a mutilated memory, life torn apart, years of shame,
crppled love, anxiety, frustation, suffocated will -

I've been born to wrong reality..."

Set me free, flow away (flow away to cease the pain)

For this worn out lump no more wants here to stay

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa