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WASHINGTON lyrics : "Teenage Fury"

I begin by saying
You were right
When you suggested

I was looking for some feeling
That wasn't to be found
Except for in the pages

And poetry of ages
All that teenage fury
I hope you wrote that down

I admit that
At the start it shook me

I confess, it took me
Several months of fury
To burn that city down

But now that I am older
My blood seems to run colder
And I don't get that feeling

When you are around

In it's stead, I have steady hands

And in it's place, I am making plans
And in the space where I used to spit and scream
There is measurement of temperament

I cultivate my teenage dreams

So again, into the fray

Again, go see you play
Again, just drum and bass
Again, your perfect face

But I don't care about the future
And all I can say to you
Is I don't want to hurt you

And I don't think that you do
Want for me to search you
For your teenage fury

Now that we are grown

So it stands, a monument

Still there
The same thing, self aware
Just shadows in the dark

My favourite work of art
I think it's finished
Shall we hang it in the gallery?

All that teenage fury
Of my very own

Of my very own
Of my very own
Of my very own

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa