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WARREN G lyrics : "You Never Know"

(feat. Phats Bossi, Reel Tight, Snoop Dogg)
Got a little something for the summertime

While you on the grind
Getting yours
Hell yeah! I'm getting mine

I take trips and dips just to recline
I blaze up the orange weed
To relax my mind

Spend time with my kids on the weekdays
And I holla at my momma and my
Grandma on the threeway

She say, If you do right
Baby boy I promise you live
A long life

I can't argue
I try hard to
Not blast ^!$$%s

I walk past ^!$$%s
With my head up to the skedai(sky)
^!$$% tried to pull a fast one

On Snoop Dogg
To get some shut eye
What I do to him I can't speak

You know the episode
And the code on the street
I keep it all the scriffin' y'all

But real street for y'all
Cause you never know
When you're gonna go, no

You never know where this road's gonna take you

Got to be strong
You got to hold on
Cause you never know, where

This life's gonna lead you
Just Hold on
You never know

[Warren G]
From the killing

The robbing
The squabbing
And jacking

Car jacks to kidnaps
What? ^!$$%s be acting a fool
Trying to set me up at the park

But I'm cool
Act a fool
My daddy said throw them thangs

And stay strong
My momma got sick
So I'ma keep it strong

As long as I got my feet in the game
And make this beats
And bring heat to the game

$#[email protected] the fame
I got a little boy to see through
And him without me

Is like me without you
Keep it true
And stay down for your grips

Homies and licks staying tight
Like this
You never know


[Phats Bossi]
You ^!$$%s never know
Which man are blasted for

Never know which man to kill
Just to settle the score
It wasn't long ago

I had this partner of mine
Knew him just a short time
But he's stuck in my mind
My ^!$$% lived perfect
Said the streets wasn't worth it

If you don't die rich in the game
Then what's the purpose for this struggle?
We stay piece to puzzle
Invest half the wealth
And pray to god it double

We just in this
Trying to get rich at the interest
Keep it pimping
Stay with ^!$$%s that's relentless
Smoke dough

Just because I say so
Money pronto
And ^!$$%s never would know
They never know ^!$$%

[Chorus til fades]

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