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WARREN G lyrics : "We Brings Heat"

(feat. Twinz, Da Five Footaz)
Playaz, playettes, macks, trues, wannabes

All you mutha$#&@az, we gonna kick it like this,
For the trues

[Jah Skills]
Yeah this crew was tight, went from planning dreams
Now we rockin mics, gettin %#@! right, stayin on beat,

And servin this heat, through yo streets, jealous hoes peep,
But me, I dont sleep
So you know I catch you watchin

While they comin with drama, I'm blockin and steady knockin
The post is won out the box, it dont stop, hittin our areas and
shakin up spots

[Warren G]
I'm bakin blocks in four wheel motion

Everywhere I look I see 21 ones floatin (21st Street!)
Then I made a stop at the P-A-C's
Wassup y'all? You seen Tripp L-O double C, now,

I'm headin to the back where the homeys is posted,
^!$$%z on gat in case plat wanna get roasted
But you know how that go, in the city of snakes, fakes, hmm and

(*##$ brakes
I shakes, back to the topic called heat,
My beat, your treat, can't nobody $#&@ wit me,

cuz I'm known from Cali to Rome,
We brings heat, so now its on

[Chorus 2x]
Bring heat to the table and play your cards right
My crew got heat we got game air tight

Through thick and thin, see we like kin

And it wont stop no matter what happens,
Man you not knowin, who's tops they be blowin
I brings heat, independant and I will release,

the ultraviolet, bangin beats for the pilot,
Got the sky lit now who really wanna try it,
its warm when we swarm, your area gonna get torn,

and a job that work g funk in the purest form,
for what its worth, I'm a let you know,
I'm hyperactive for those who react too slow, all alone

my fleets movin fast, hand in hand with the aftermath,
my skills was built to last

Forever in a day, but some days we gotta trip,
throwin lics for grits, steady stackin our chips,

the money clips dont fit, now is it the way we dip on,
these and those, mo Gs and hoes, I $$#umes on a mission, (on a

conditions ain't the same got the average ^!$$% wishin, but
still missin,
the simple facts it ain't like that,

turn the tables when the label dont react, its Wayniac

[Chorus 2x]

[Jah Skillz]
Too much clout I'm havin so ^!$$%z be grabbin at my wealth,

at test a math, set them back on the shelf,
they say we love your skills, I'm good for your health,,
my lifeline droppin the dime on them like a stealth bomb,

will calm a ^!$$% down with my one round,
suppose they act up, my back up's involved now,
GFCs included, my crew is undisputed,

heavyweight champs, known for blowin out yo amps

[Trip Locc]

I had patience but now I'm anxious,
lurkin like a cat on the deal with my sack,
I know somebody watchin the Locc,

can't stop cuz it just start poppin please,
I gots tah have it like Mickey D's,
over 60 billion served rollin on the daily,
can't tell me %#@! put it in and I won't notice,
me and my ^!$$%z nothin but that top notch,

Long Beach postin up the road blocks,
You can't go through, or around, you gotta turn back,
I'm gettin turned back, ridahs and killaz that dont play
known to bring it on when it pop, missions to clock,

stages to rock, when I'm done lounge at the spot

[Chorus repeats to fade]

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