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WARREN G lyrics : "So Many Ways"

(feat. Wayniac and Lady Levi)
Hey, nah ya goin miss up on the G-Funk era,
ya know we said things won for Warren G, and soon turned


[Warren G]

11-10-7 D that was my intro
but now in 94, I'm rollin a 64
cuz things get shady where the grass is greener

^!$$%z throwin up sets in hoods like they neva seen a
young mack daddy do his thing cuz I pack right
I got 44 ways to make you act right

and its a shame how the game must be played
it was told never fold by the ^!$$%z you can't fade
so raise up off this young hog

cuz I heard you punkin some but you can't punk me y'all
I got my own thang cuz I let my nuts hang
if you wanna bring it, bring it on no pain no gain

so as I creep can you peep what I speak
techniques unique, so what you sayin is obsolete
so there it is as I go about my days

I can only bring it to you like this in so many ways


Hey, hey, hey this is Warren G you know
and I was in Baghdad

before these lil youngstaz was in they Daddy bag
ya know, yeah, they in violation Wayniac so hound em

Its all plain and simple
I roll just to serve a lifetime wit my ^!$$%z

idiotic fools can't figure
the way I display or should I say more than that
its crucial when I name how many ^!$$%z got my back

neva lack, the skills when its time to handle mine
you can't front if you wanna but you still know the time
I'm, the ^!$$% that they call Wayniac (what that mean)

I'm the ^!$$% stayin down for the home team
so if you didn't know let me slow ya roll
this pro is on the go with some %#@! you ain't heard before

so recognize game in your face
a touch of the bass then I'm gone without a trace


[Warren G]

I stay true to the game
but some stay blind to the fact
that if I don't look good, you dont look good

so please rearrange and change the %#@! you doin
you $#[email protected] yourself cuz you the one gettin screwed
as I, ease on down the rick road

as I shift from first to second, cruise control
so blaze up the buddha
cuz I got drink, and dont think

we dont roll without a full tank
of that bomb $$# %#@! called the funk
cuz I am the G and the funk is what you want

now, lets take a trip to the other side of town
^!$$%z flip flop and they neva stay down
wanna be all they can be, but gettin held back

tryin to take what is mine, (what) what type of %#@! is that?
so, this is for the homies stay down for your pay
I can't only bring it to you like this in so many ways


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