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WARREN G lyrics : "Recognize"

(feat. The Twinz)
[Warren G]
The place is here, the time is right

for the Twinz and Warren G to rip %#@! tonight, right

[Trip Locc]

Hold on tight to your seat
comin from the city thats low, urban life near the beach peep
So come one, come all, fall into my smooth flow

its the Trip LO double C yo
the game is trump tight, ain't no need for you to boo me
cuz after its over, all you hoes goin wanna do me

its part of the plan to get mine from the jump
G-Dub hooked it up, so you know its gotta straight bump
a typical day on the eastside

a lot of gangstas buck mouths
and brothas slangin bean pies
but thats how it goes in the city where I was born

familys mourn, ^!$$%z slippin, never gettin born
so thats why you gotta stay alert,
cuz everyday somebody's out, they tryin to put in a little

for the hood, or just on the solo
walkin in Long Beach real late is a no no

but dont let me scare you, you do what you gotta do
respect is a must, checkin ^!$$%z that try to check you

Y'alls ^!$$%z betta recognize,
focus your eyes cuz my homey's high

Y'alls ^!$$%z betta recognize,

[Warren G]
Tick, tock, tickin to the Era
its Warren G with the Twinz funk Era

N to the A to the T to the E
The S to the N to the double O P

I'm a take you on a trip,
so keep the game I display mane

I run it to ya in a gangsta kinda way (hey)
its all good when you dealin wit tha Locc
stilll blazed the smoke wit the homies and the kin-folk

and ain't no ^!$$% gonna be takin mine
I'm servin ^!$$%z with a quicka picka up and on as a nine
so if you really wanna watch this trigga flow

its kinda itchy but I know I shoulda pulled it a long time
cuz I be connectin like dot to dot

so when it gets hot well I gotta shake the spot
and move to that other level see Wayniac comin through in 94


Now you know the game and the games complete
(whys that?) cuz the Twinz are bringin nuthin but heat

and ya know you didn't wanna see the Cavi flow
(what kinda flow) the kinda flow that'll make you slow ya roll

[Warren G]
so open your eyes and pay attention

its two of my homies on a mutha$#[email protected] mission


and I, kicks up dust cuz its a must
and I, acts a fool cuz its my rule
So need we say more on this topic

Warren G droppped it
put it in track and we locked it
^!$$% did I rock it?

^!$$% did I rock it?

[Warren G]
It really doesn't matter cuz its still only poppin

[Chorus x2]

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