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WARREN G lyrics : "It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You"

(feat. Mista Grimm, Boss Hogg, Damone & LaToiya Williams)
[Chorus: Warren G - repeat 4X]
It ain't nuttin wrong with you

Me and you (we do it nasty, nasty)

[Warren G]

I once knew a girl named LaShonda
short little cute thing
with a pinky diamond ring

she was iceless
my game was so priceless
givin her a facial

I was G'd up
from the feed up
pushin the bent

with the midnight tint
huh, heaven sent

[Mista Grimm]
I once met a girl in the valley and
half black half Italian

ass like a stalian
[email protected]%!e bottles shake
as she likes to watch herself on tape

breakin nuts shake, but wait there's more
she keeps my nuts in her mouth like a squirrel
pranksta with a pearl

held my balls so long
I call trouble when I'm with my girl

[Warren G]
there's a law for that
we ain't trippin, we hogs for that


[Chorus: Warren G and LaToiya - repeat 4X]

it ain't nuttin wrong with you
me and you
(we do it nasty, nasty)

I met this Puerto Rican named Sehonnie

she was as bad as Carmen
chillin in New York and I cracked her in Spanish Harlem
straight dime

body bangin like a baseline
and the face fine
I had to spit dip waste time

Mr. Passionate
everything her body was immaculin
the presence like a gift to men and got packaged

[Boss Hogg]
$#[email protected] fabolous

she say "damn he fat"
then I still $#[email protected] the $$# (how you do that)
push up on 'em till they fall to the plot, damn it

uh, hog 'em while they $#[email protected] roll, [email protected]#$ it
call me fat boy with a fat dick to mash
to lick me baby and I might lick you back

lickin you back

she's gaggin with a dick in her trap
and stickin is fat
I'll pull it out and tickle your cat

[previous Chorus]

[Warren G]
I put the smash on her like Shaq
she want the cash on her

I ain't havin that
you need to check yo' trap
I got rose cap

G'd up, 213, please believe that

[Mista Grimm]
I stay pimpin in a bubble I Benz
with hoes stubbled up and cuddled in the back with my friends

I slide up on 'em like a cross fader
the hook up later
and serve this dick like a waitor
I ain't tryna date her

when it comes to (*##$es
I got more game than the olympics
I get up in their mind and [email protected]#^yze and twist this, psychology
for no reason I'm recievin apologies

break her down mentally
have her stockin and follow me

[Boss Hogg]
trick be swallowin me

for a nine on the vein
cuz I'm the $#[email protected] boss, she's my employee
I ain't hatin, I appreciate you freaky $$# style
yo nasty $$# ?, eat a dick and smile

[previous Chorus - 2X]

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