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WARREN G lyrics : "If We Give You A Chance"

(feat. Phats Bossi, Slick Rick)
[Slick Rick]

Kinda hungry
Have you eaten?
Hardly any

Walking down sunset boulevardnelly
I had this miner on the lock
She said

That mutha $#[email protected] look finer
Than a $#[email protected]
But he's an eastcoast cat

Pure jelly $$#
^!$$% kick a rap that can impress
My L.A. $$#

When I didn't deserve it
Hey you acting like earning the

Best rapper walk the earth yet (no)
I guess some big tymer tapping her
I huff, and puff

Blew her fat rat $$# off
Blaze her
%#@!, in the face

The most rapper
Why she acting like it didn't know
While I pulls up on her Rolls

I gets in it
I'm like (*##$ it's
Best you write down your number this minute

Catching her going
Just sparking off
And she came to her sister

Before the car took off


We know what to do
If we give you the chance
You'll fall in love

And all the time won't remain
The way you look
Your touch is fine

But I won't let you blow my mind

[Warren G]

Lodi Dodi
We like to party
My ^!$$% slick rick

Can still rock a party
It was 12:15 when I hit the scene
Fresh out from L.A.

Touching J.F.K.
I was on my way
To go get my bays

I'm a real one from L.A.
So I gots to say
I hit my ^!$$% slick rick

And said I'm in town
Get some puerto rican freaks
Cause it's got to go down

So we hit every girl in the N-Y-C
I'm rush $$#ociated
So what's up with me

We $#[email protected] and flee off the hennesy
Girl just for me
Hit'em all for free



[Phats Bossi]

Fast as suave-a
Boss will flip the script
The number one draft pick

So the G's is thick
Roll with Rick
^!$$% that'll roll with me
Every man feel free
When he making a G

Is money constant?
And money all that I see?
I'ma breath this %#@!
Money coming with me
What you want with it

The boss stay committed
To drunk trying to pive it
Still I bust the sickest
Check it
Wreckless major carrots

In my necklace
Black lence and go kill'em with ??? %#@!
Perfect it now the game's obtain
And this don pieces eyes
Peel jocking the ring

Trade the sex face
Baby keep the pace
Lots to do
Little time
And is love to make
Promise you my pearl

Baby this my world
And even broke without a dime
You still be my girl


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