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WARREN G lyrics : "Here Comes Another Hit"

(feat. Mista Grimm, Nate Dogg)
[Warren G]
Waiting around a crew of thugs

That parade in blue, and yelling cuz (whats up cuz)
Ate by selling drugs
'38 snub in the waist, in case fools lose love

These days still the same
I can steal the flame, eyes kill with the pain
So I advise y'all to chill with the games

Entertain for the cheddar and the change
So $#[email protected] whoever, in the fame, forever a man
Around my dogs, banging the pound, swanging the town

How we choose, now I'm aggravated and $$#ault is my next move
Success means issues, so I guess it's time for me to disclude
Handle mines, we use pistols

G's move with the conscience
When we disaprove of that nonsense
Ex-cons with that gangsta gangsta gangsta %#@!

Here come another hit

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

I think it's time we do it, they said it couldn't be done
Still we making paper, still we having fun
I hope by now it's proven, Nate and Warren G

Tightest combination, in the industry
Here comes another one

[Mista Grimm]
I can see us smashing up the shore past laws thats lost
2000 Ucon Excel, duel exhaust

TV screen, DVD, E-mail
Passenger, bad female, what the hell
Stash spot, with the hollow head shell

^!$$%s start trippin, I'm on the next tail
Hands free, callin' up my ^!$$% Warren G
I pull strings, like Mya Landske

Bulletproof, emotint you can't see
Mr. G rollin' up weed, afghany sensee
Bad MC, Mike Fiend, you the know spinage

Like wintergreenmint, talk %#@!
Sleep with the fish, you cement
New residence, with no hesitance

It gets tints on the floor
Staple center chick, next to Denzel and Nicholsen
Phil Jackson whistlin'


[Warren G]
Mean mugs in the club, mean nothing to us
In South scene, me and the team trying to $#[email protected] us some [email protected]#%s

Dying to $#[email protected], I chuck us when we step through
Poppin' our collars, with our nephews
Next to you, you got millionaires moving

Hitting the dance floor, stealing their groovin'
Doing they damn thing, and ain't worried about a damn thing
But man, thats the celebrity ways

Poppin' a litty got some rappers scared of these days
Industry ways, thats how Hollywood pays
Uh, top dollar when I dip my Impala

In front of the club, make your woman wanna holla (holla)
At a playa though, what's your dude yo
I keep it gangsta, I ain't trying to be rude hoe

Oh, you know how that %#@! go
Or give when cats get fed off the four or fifths


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