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WARREN G lyrics : "Gangsta Love"

(feat. Kurupt, Nate Dogg, RBX)
Call me Dub-A-Double-R-E
N be the end last letter be the G

G be for Griffin, smiffin, like Wesson
^!$$%z, that be 'fessin
I'm crushin your whole chest and

In combat if they fat I'll skinny em
Six times the terror pass the Era to Millineum
G-Funk, bumpin in ya trunk

Call me booshe ^!$$%, LBC me ^!$$%


Straight from Long Beach
Where, we gets more naughtier than Comaneche
Can you say roundoff hand spring

Do ya triple somersault fools will be flipped I'm sure
Long Beach, right by the water
Respect is due when you walk through the border

Line, if you dont you might find your face in a gutter
Long Beach will get ya wets

The homey just whistled, gave us the signal
To act the fool with the pistols, pierce the gristle

One way out homey, in the cut
Heat @@#!ed, beef for weeks, heat for block
Techniques to rock, the blocks socks

Unorthodox, cannon @@#!ing bandit ^!$$%
I daily rock the planet ^!$$%
Scope out the vicinity, start seperatin(what?)

those thats cool and those hatin
Every ^!$$% in between
Got 5 seconds to evacuate the scene (yeah)

Hit the stash (^!$$%)
^!$$% what the $#[email protected] you wanna do
Talk, blast, ^!$$% think fast, fast fast

[Chorus x2 - Nate Dogg]
Hit a ^!$$% wit a little gangsta love

Gangsta love
Hit a ^!$$% wit a little gangsta love
Gangsta love

[Warren G]
Lets go to war, no, not with guns

Blast you with heat, original beats they run
Fast and faster, Master like P
Or you can just say, Master Warren G

I'm bout it bout it, highly touted
And I doubt it
if I let another ^!$$% take my tracks and re re-route it

I truck more styles, like my Yukon I puke on
The rest of these ^!$$%z, trying to contest

Hold up, who's speaking of contest, no, none of that
We get gats beats technique rat tat tat tat

Splat, and ya flat, pure satisfac
X marks the spot of the brutal venacular
You drinks down like dracula

Listen here buddy you'll be found left bloody
Its the beach ^!$$%, straight up
Before ya hate, get ya weight up

Or get wet up now what up


Yeah, yeah OGs
My ^!$$% Warren G, uh huh
Thats my OG

My ^!$$% Nate Dogg, my ^!$$% Snoopy, my ^!$$% RBX
They're my OGs, my real OGs

You up against the aces ^!$$%
It all takes place in many places ^!$$%
Several different faces ^!$$%

The streets can watch me ^!$$%
But the streets is up against Kurupt Momar Khadafi ^!$$%
OG, juggernaut, jagged edge, homey two to the head
As the sprinkle spread
Death will kiss ya, $#[email protected] around with the Militia

Stalking till the big homey Nate walked in

[Nate Dogg]
Same old ^!$$%z in the same old place
Long Beach city is where I was raised

I keep my heater right by my side
Won't stop mashin till I get my prize
Even if you blind we can make you see
The perfect combination Nate and Warren G
When we bust we hit em everytime

Ain't no secret its about that time

[Chorus x2 - Nate Dogg]
Hit a ^!$$% wit a little gangsta love

Gangsta love
Hit a ^!$$% wit a little gangsta love
Gangsta love

Gangsta love
Gangsta love

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