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WARREN G lyrics : "Can You Feel It"

I'm H-I off J's bellin in a T-shirt and blue jeans
well few dreams ever come true

well some do, so ^!$$% say (I'm from the beach too)
Long Beach City G's Funkin
and its a pity who many we's punk and drunk

in a hotel lobby at a town near you
housekeeper's high, and drinkin beer too
cleared through the nite

my ^!$$%z movin with the skirts
in the boxes, houseshoes, and slingshot t-shirts
its gettin late, I'm runnin out of gas

so Warren G tryin to see whats up on some $$#
really doe, y'all enjoyed the show, good
but what you know about these Long Beach boys in the hood

should anything go wrong and ^!$$%z act %#@!ty
remember fool this is Long Beach city, punk

Can you feel it
Can you feel it

Can you feel it
Can you feel it

Well it was boring until Warren G came on the scene
put the G-Funk with the gangsta lean
its been about 2, is he comin through?

I dropped this one just to show you I'm true
People say Warren where'd you get that speech
in the sandy city right down by the beach

speak, dont speak on, if you wanna speak on
if you wanna get yo groove on, LOC on
to the fullest, bounce rock skate,

a new time, a new rhyme, legislate
thats how we do it in the S-I-X
LBC, 213, and we straight %#@! at the next

so lets party hearty like Lodi Dodi
we punkin yo city you betta ask somebody
cuz if you dont, we ain't showin no pity

more bounce to the ounce and we rockin yo city


From city to city and state to state
this DJ gonna regulate

so playa hate if you want to, I dont give a $#&@
I'm still G-dubb and I'm subbin in my truck so good luck
and have a nice trip

we got y'all town locked down like a vice grip
I'm on the dice tip, shootin C-notes
a dollar and the bones hollerin G-oats

cuz we quotes, them gangsta raps
that ya'll paid for, and we banks the snaps
we perhaps, if you could see what I see

then you might be gettin paid like this ^!$$% Warren G
so fee, fie, foe, I'm from, the LB to the C ^!$$% dont act

outta site, outta mind, so where y'all gonna put us
Warren G and the Twinz and my girls Five Footaz

[Chorus x2]

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