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WARREN G lyrics : "And Ya Don't Stop"

For 94, I'm a just glide and swerve
hop up the streets with my heats so observe
its me Z the whee Z, the Warren to the G Z

the deuces and the treys as kickin it through E-Z
and the beach and the bottle where I'm found
$#[email protected] around with the mutha$#[email protected] Dogg Pound

$#[email protected] it, Warren's goin wild
the G Funk Era and the mutha$#[email protected] G Child
funk, melody, rhythm, base

he which is I is in the mutha$#[email protected] place
so let me get away, come again like this
I can turn into a murderer so please dont diss

cuz if you do, you know where I'm from
rat tat tat tat diddy dum diddy dum

And ya don't stop, and ya don't quit
And ya don't stop, and ya don't quit

Well let me grab my stick and shift to first
I'm spittin plenty game on my second verse

well let me switch to second just for the rough ride
L-O-N-G-B-E-A-C-H Eastside
Where the grass is greener, at some times

and I dont do %#@! but drop funky rhymes
now I'm in neutral, shifting to third
cuz what you hear is what you heard, ^!$$%

from the G-Funk, G-Funk, cuz we funk, we funk
and if you step mutha$#[email protected] you get stomped
like 1, 2, 3 I'm shiftin to the fo

but you dont hear me doe


I said humpty dumpty sat on the wall
I guess its time for me to sum it up for all

G Funk, G Child, gangsta groove, locc
past tense it's the Indo smoke
choke, off the %#@! that I'm doin

I'm droppin this %#@! for you and you and you and
cuz its me, the Warren to the G
comin in 1994 you see

the LBC and thats my locale
check it out check it out check it out now


You know what I'm sayin, Warren mother$#[email protected] G beeyatch

You know what I'm sayin, it's 94 that's how we doin it
Ain't nuthin but a Long Beach thang doe big baby, hey
G-Funk, where rhythm is life and life is rhythm

Check me out doe, beeyatch

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