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WARCLOUD : The Renaissance lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "The Renaissance"

[Intro: Leviathan]
Ah, West Coast, ah, the renaissance

It's the renaissance, strangers wit candy
Leviathan, Warcloud, Mantra, word
It's the renaissance ya'll

[Hook x4: Leviathan]
Those who were blessed in the garment

Shall be, shall be not reincarnated


Yo it's the dynamo, body blow specialist, here to twist wrists
Kidnap ya life, take a hike and don't forget this
Broke, you bout to learn, hip hop's not always business

Cuz underground authentic linguistics, represent ships
That launch missiles at "Wannabeez" under seas
Victorious, P.A.C., crossbreeds

Who don't have a clue, stop rhymin' like you're brand new
Parallax, we see right through, nobody's fool
Unglue, you're molecules'll send you back together

I'm Leviathan, lickin' shots wit the strangler
We cliffhangers, unit bangers
Echo no Asian honey lemon, will throw drop full of nature

The revolution won't platinumized and televised
We third dimension strangers here for you to !@#^yze
In this wilderness, of America-ca-ca

We carry heads and roll them back to bury the sucka
Cuz he deadly palm, shatter your dome and scatter your bones
You hear the tone dialin' you out, it's combat zone

[Chorus x2: Mantra]
Poison blood from the bay of pigs, catcher in the rye

Walkin' dogs to West Asia, kept them in a bind
Retreat to the sea cliff, strength versus weakness
People of the world, let my particles unite

Aiyo, let the dead bury their dead, the wasteful son

You caught 'em wit a bucket of blood, down in Damascus
Eighty eight back flips, stack chips and write
Though eye is the organ of sight, I cracked it twice

Tripped to oblivious, slaughter you in the rut
While you worship what you know not what, your crew's snuff
I battle til my brain shuts off, the street's left you

A strange man kept you, he crept through a can of beans
Bone dust suffer, rap protein forever
And eat to reality, gun you down in a tragedy

Somethin' from the nightmare realm, abnormality
Snap your rib cage out your back, don't call the Warcloud
Red, white and blue werewolf, wit sleep technique

Bop you on your head hard, wit the last baseball
Autographed by Babe Ruth, devil's better respect God
Perplex odd, quote that was Para' mention you, injure you

Heavy old sword, that warm body will smother you
Jockeys in the rain, we rob you in living luxury
Them poison Adam eaters, come and try to defeat us

The famous old story of the Ace and his three kings
In the Parallax, I'll chop you all up in to stacks
Flap jack back, they froze a fifty two pickup

Crunchy shots burst the slump, wit bloody hick-ups
Battleground sound, Warcloud the dirty planter
Wu-Tang soldiers will buzz saw on you wit records

Password crept it, perplexed it by rap embargo
It's like cotton doll, bird feathers and marbles
Mineral bats, sharp water, save yourself, buckers

You can never buck us, I want you to try and touch us

[Chorus x2]

The stigma of a flower, pistol in a hair piece

A static symbol of a mind, that impeach
The legacy on the mound, he was known as Saint Tropez
Struck men out for the effect of oppressive ages

Unstable cages, radicals'll rush us in the classroom
They shoot off in the black boy jungle
Misty serenades, the bogarts'll cook
Pendulum foot, I was in, he didn't look
When Mantra broke out the window, bird became cuckoo

Flew over sea-saw, chiefs who come to greeet you
Villages concealed in the sounds of the vultures
Crashed on the streets, where my kids gotta eat
Lady vinegar, momma let the heart spill
Armor shade bias, catch your high tide crescents

Ran from Allah, free cypher for self banishment
Sun spot, rise of the apricot, catch
Twelve trot, understanding hell of happiness
Somebody told me that the Parallax were here
Left hands are diced, then writin' on Sheik punishment

Catcher in my name is in the straw hoods of Saigon
Nation of water comes down from hot places
Hard for critics to rate this, solid ba!@&(t
Mechanize a thought when I walk, gather a witness
Recordin' ya'll %#@!, whether people's faces change

Like a scent on the brain, family portrait was hung
A livin' myth was taken, tunnel to be driven
And subterranean vessels, carry the sleepin' conscience
Took a train to market, get your hands out my pockets

[Bridge x3: Leviathan]

Aiyo, yo, reincarnated M.C.'s
Agree or disagree the style is restin' in peace


[Hook x2]

[Outro: Leviathan]
Not reincarnated, hah, word, not reincarnated

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