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WARCLOUD : The Mighty King Of Swords lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "The Mighty King Of Swords"

[Sample: Del Shannon's "Runaway"]
As I walk along I wonder
Of what went wrong with our love

A love that was so strong
And as I still walk on I think of
The things we've done together

A-while our hearts were young

-beats switches to beat of Killah Priest's Tai Chi-

[Intro: Warcloud]
Warcloud, also known as Alcatraz

Formerly known as Holocaust
I found a dead body down in the Bahamas
Stewardess Fear Arcana

An afterlife train station
Gun low glance found your machine gun
Dragon slithered out of the cave and ate the fruit

Like the little boy encountered the convict in the swamp
Warcloud, aiyo, aiyo

Where the rats crawl across ceilings
Metal gats that walk lost feelings

Shredder raps, treasure maps, catch several bats
Knock pop bleeding, snatch your feather hat
Broke bones and smoke a bull zone, heavy the King of Swords

Ruckus bring the lords since Dubai of the Singapore
Corner store fruit market the target and harvest ammunition
Hand is twitching, (*##$ing about %#@!, you champs can't commission

Out my mouth is wishing, gun planet inside a planet
I sip a Corona, keep tabs on Des the Moaner
Like the old men who make clocks and lived inside the mountain

That Church woman Charlotte who's hair was wet and scarlet
Or the Sheriff and his spouse who sold chronic out of the house
Spiny shiny warrior throne, I leave the sword blown

Corrode your corpse home, left behind me on path of war zone

[Chorus: Warcloud]

Deep in the horse's mouth there is a whisper
That shatters everything that exists, I clap a twister
That dismantles the planet, mechanic, the storm flows

Cold King of Swords in the forest of snow and gold
Cold King of Swords in the forest of snow and gold

Eighty eight torpedoes skim the water, I'm gunners mate
A mechanic device that sometimes resembles a human being

Capable of performing a number of complex tasks
The unlawful killing of one human being by another
To mutilate, brutally or inhumanely

All with premeditated malice, born to challenge
To escape 'Punishment' for destruction of a human body
We laid through a luxuriant form of period in history

Old ghostly mystery, twelve jewels of the mind
My heavy firearm carries slugs that eat your spine
He rose and thugs meet the line of cyber crime rhyme

Gun mall, fumble velocity, deep ferocity
Ferocious exposes, bombard bays that's hopeless
Plague ridden poetry, eat poet's cell nucleosis

Gung ho, gunfight, gunfire, your gun @@#!
My flip lock ignites hellfire 'til I retire



My rhyme is like an extinct primitive bird from the Jurassic period
Having lizard like characteristics
Such as teeth and long ponytail

You 'Caddyshack' rap $$# cats owe me mail
Admitted may represented traces were formed between reptiles and birds
Geologic copy, 'Comedy of Errors'

Arguers of poor resort, medallions, yo
Will owner of symmetry valiantly balance your harmony?
Gun solid as a guard of $#&@ing Buckingham Palace

Grey and black markets, horse races, stallions
Gun you allegiant levels
Can't rival whisky, Jack, tropic fish, archers and mommies
Break water tsunamis, ice parlour, father of horror

[Break: Warcloud]
Leave you frozen
I'd like to give a fat shout out to New York
All the five boroughs of New York
Fat shout out to Los Angeles

Los Angeles County
City of the Lost Angels


[Outro: Warcloud]
I found a dead body down in the Bahamas
Stewardess Fear Arcana
An afterlife
An afterlife train station

Facing $$#assination vacation

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