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WARCLOUD : The Last Hovering Castle lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "The Last Hovering Castle"

[Intro 1: Sleepy Hollow sample]
Now, I will need to ask you many questions
But first let me ask, is anyone suspected?

How much have your superiors explained to you Constable?
Only tha-that the three were slain in open ground
Their heads found severed from their bodies

Umm, their heads were not found severed
Their heads were not found at all

[Intro 2: Warcloud]
Phat shout out to Cilvaringz

I'ma come see you up there in Amsterdam


I harvest bitter raps, this bitter harvest that's expert
Eat open your brain network, bloody your sweatshirt
Altars split a big heavy hitter the teeth gritter

Rip into an eight-headed red werewolf tomorrow
Throw you in transgression and sorrow, I ship the cargo
Of blue tigers with black stripes to Key Largo

Bone war with steel, something moved in the graveyard
A biker in the closet, old furniture in the house
Curse of the Mud Men caught in a mud dream

She got through an inferno, spit kerosene and laugh
Warcloud on a warpath is bloodbath
Step up to the plate, my swing is beat story

Sleep Georgy Porgy; bite a piece that's pasty
Runs over both linebackers and a free safety
Bedtime stories, museums, throw my fire axe

Clip you with a tyre iron, cataclysmic desire raps
I sent the canary, 135 Maple Drive
And I blast that hospital ship out of the sky

Sag my heavy trousers, sling shot and bust them
Children everywhere, mad holidays and costumes
Tooth Fairy sleeper hold, dark green and stay gun wise

Wolf bite, falling tree, old 'Tequila Sunrise'
Red taxi, couple of laps around the park, my thunder slap
Bring your can opener rap, casket of maggots

I polish old heirlooms on dark Shakespeare cliff
Then pile up bodies on rafts, sent them adrift
Burning, Warcloud institutes higher learning

Lunatic preacher swamp Cyborg American Patriot

*sounds of fighting*

[kung fu sample]
Tell them about the safe!

The creepy coin collector, old typewriter with fathom

The little boy encountered the convict in a swamp
Eight professors tied to polish that's made in Italy
Old blue shoes from a gypsy out on a back road

Fireflies lit up the darkness, cold and heartless
Shredder mouth, motor brain, lounge in old taverns
Far, far away there's a planet, inside the planet

There is a great mountain, in the mountain there is a lake
And in this great lake there's an island that no one knew
And there in the giant island was an old castle and ruins

Deep in the castle, in the courtyard is a well
Shaped like a capital L, I shouldn't tell
Ghostly echoes of the screams of the child who once fell

To break her neck and soak up the gongs of the church bell
Deep in the bottom of the well, water that rots
Is a little black pyramid far down in the slot

And inside that little black pyramid on that planet
I laugh in the dark for that pyramid holds my heart

I took a giant's head and buried it under his stone steps
Put my axe away to paint the stones steps red

It took thirty horses to drag his body for real
Where I left his carcass, there became a hill
In Warcloud country, those hills are everywhere

Supreme sword from 'The Ocean', give great armour a heavy tear
Clash of the Goliath, ten robo-Knights, didn't matter
While the oldest evil Pharaoh's in a battle with his own shadows
Satellite mic, galactic battalion, keep you irrelevant
Mythical swamp filled horrific creatures and their living skeletons

Keeper stuck White Owl back, cuckoo clocks and !@^%s
Made from my broken mannequin stores, bionic chords
Blasting speedball behind nine doors
I'll bury you under your mother's floorboards
Beg God for more war

Still explore the corridor, there's more in store
Dastardly dark, thirty bandit beggars in the best place
Crystallite armour chess plates
And iron sunflowers too shiny on the back of the hill
Laughing, attack and spill

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