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WARCLOUD : On The High Side Of The Sky lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "On The High Side Of The Sky"

F/ Road Block

[Ninja Scroll sample]
{*horse neighs then gallops past*}
{*smash followed by man groaning*}

Jubei : No! I know the way now
So leave me alone alright?
Stoneface : Not quite the right direction

The way to Hell is right here!
{*fighting noises in the background*}

[Intro: Warcloud]
Battle shades of cyber space, intergalactic war zone
Warcloud rest.. bloody on the streets

In the fire escape
Robo-Warcloud meets Robo-Soul Brady
L.A. MC's love to smack you in hip hop

Vocal bio-tape with war stories that's sold to enemies
LA ^!$$%s love to smack you in hip hop
American muscle rap, American muscle rap

Swamp wars in a poetic nexus, heavy metal plexus
Trade raps, bionic glumps
Crash that phat war chant

Ghostly war machines, flightless tyrants with battle raps
Smoke, smoke, smoke
Since I handled that



Hey! The sound of storm troopers, solar panel mechanical grammatical units
That rips flesh from BONES, atomic wavelength shatters tones
Warcloud, crooked clutch, cobbles, stones, purple, cream crystal Capone

Bone beach sticks, built in Indian brick hits
Shiny apples and bananas, break lenses of an ignoramus
Then I slap you like the stooges, you run like the little rap kids

I'm the HOLD of the Twilight Zone from Spanish castles
Call me chainsaw hand, thump cyborgs with tank parts
Escape from the weapon world, robo-gangster who bank NARC's

Smoke stack back, haywire bent over elderly
A crocodile learned to jump from tree to tree
I rap like machinery, rappers all catch and brainwashed

Those techno mics can only be found with gamma rays
My suitcase BOMBS, Stone Roses at the Olympics
CHAMP, figure neighbouring move points eternally

For DAYS, I ice skate on a man-made lake from posing MC's
Filled with a very large number, like guns
Eat right through you like a fancy Easter cake

Scary rumble forest, half mountainside, half lumber
Thunder broke The High Side of the Sky
When the microphone was placed in my icy grip

Beneath a hallway, tall wall brawl, y'all fall, I maul all
And crawl out the blood wall hall to call a doll
On the ceiling sideways, break a couch on a rapper's back

Heavy shiny pistols surprise you like box of Cracker Jacks
Force like Jacker smack, laid a hat like a batter's stack
Warcloud, butcher bone network like when the hackers hack

Each data macca that, clack gats all through the slackest rap
Some steep and some unseen some and somewhere famous like old Hakers Stat
He drops the classic facts, strongmen, soldiers and acrobats

I monkey-wrench the backup TAPS, dustingly take a lacker nap
Bloody like the clappers tap, baffle caps, with shackle raps
Chewing rosebuds, Adam's Apple crack guns and raffle brats

Tabernacle chaps stack jewellery, candy and black Heaterz
Master the nap, these angry men PACK JURASSIC RAPS
Toxic acid laps, gat bags with gat quacks

Loud flame scatter raps cutter hats, my pattern spat
Shatter cracks when Big Warcloud flaps with a hundred bats
Sleeps behind a sliding map, batter chaps with scanner lacks

Latter axe, flashback cats grasp my pistol yap
Murder caddy shack saps in horror fog so relax
I attack, Braveheart bone scratch, my track is phat

I laugh at rapper's chat, splatter cats and scatter splatter
Bloody money stacks, mummy hatch the dummy raps
CHAPTER HATCH BATTLE TRACKS, pinball per battle-axe

[Chorus: Warcloud]
Shades of Technology, intergalactic war zone
Psycho tropic crab backlash, shotguns blast (battle axe)
Shades of Technology, cannons and missile shaft blast

Star Wars clash backlash, shotguns blast (battle axe)
Shades of Technology, war machines future, past
Bang cyber chick fast, backlash, shotguns blast (battle axe)
Shades of Technology, intergalactic war zone
Shatter stars flash backlash, shotguns blast (battle axe)

[Break: Warcloud]
$#&@ers, kapow
Clack clack kapow

[Road Block]
Voltron form fair warn', MC's get scorn
Warn, bled alarm sound oblivious
Toy MC's flow but they style is quite ridiculous
Def come to these Jam rappers

Kicking rhymes, life is like cadavers
To unemployment, whack MC's get flushed like a toilet
We look and dunk and spoil it
We in terminal hunting season
Never commit treason to the King without reason
Running' from the poets, wheezing, heavy breathing

Our elite fleet won the battle
Laid you in the gravel
Unravelled your Adam's Apple, forcing' me to grapple
Un-float to the next mode, MC's is mouldy
With RCA cables, beat machines control me
Back track and burn you, kick flow and serve you
Behind building people, grab and sleep redeem you

Destroying, defeating, hanging upside-down from the ceiling
Real troops revealing, hands in the pockets, lethal weapons concealing


I caught grammar cadaver in a bush, gravestone crossing

Every brain vessel bursting your offspring
Battle-axe costing, vine of roses, my thorn swings
Slow hands, arms explode, laughing at darkness
Heartless darts cartridge, shoppers turn hard marksmen
Cut the dark monkey part shot, my dark carpet
Cribs and catapults, and cans stand in the splatter
Bones shatters, streets are latter, scatter brain matter on platter

Cranberry Splash Mountain, my gun lead spit in spines
Bloodthirsty Warcloud, yo I caught the champ sniffing' lines
Dine on weak minds like limes and apple wine
The perfect crime to devour planets in time
Nine little Indians teach you their departure
Beware of hidden archers, pyramid on the hill
Stomach organs spill, cyber-tropic metropolis

Necro plastic operatives hold presidents hostages
Take me to the button magisterial righteous glutton
I bludgeon your platoon, mayhem the dirty dozen
Drifting living weapons, outer space war zone legends
Ghastly arithmetic in motion from Heaven
Chunks bitten out of the head of the anti-Christ
Old liquid foot, powder foot chopped up the body

Clack clack kapow, hit you behind a sandwich truck
Shuffle with the gauge to an alley and body slide
Back To The Future, prevents the ransom for rocking' mics
Power in the present war ghost, I blast the shocking light
Talking hype, no champ lovers smack you in hip hop
Warcloud productions we bang broads 'til Easter
The American poet Soul Brady will keep you ducking hard
Violent robo-feds will leave crews bloody construction yards

[Road Block]
Universal Soldiers tortured and Iron Maidens
Intergalactic battleship sink, fight like Ravens
Pestilence controls the galaxy, life short of immortality
Burn you up like calories, causin' mass fatalities
Think fast, blast, you might not last
You might even end up in a full body cast
Break backs, tied to train tracks, synapse
I see red, the battle just took place and everybody's dead
Bare knuckle boxing, check my entourage
Killa Bee behind me, full body camouflage
Brain busting bullets, barrel through your body
Hit you with Tommy Gunn's from the closet of John Gotti


[Outro: Warcloud]
Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence
Wisdom is the manifestation
Understanding is the best part
Psychotropic war zone, battle shades in cyber space
Warcloud.. Soul Brady
Wu-Tang Clan is luxuriant
The American Poets
They never caught me Sleepy Horse; they never caught me Sleepy Horse
They'll never catch you Sleepy Horse
They never catch me Sleepy Horse

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