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WARCLOUD : Howling Wolves lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "Howling Wolves"

F/ Crisis, Doc Doom, Rugged Monk, Shogun $$#ason

[movie sample]

We're arriving, there's a weird bloody air hovering around here
No help around here... {*keys jingling*}
Every master said this mist could help us

{*keys jungling*} {*attack sound followed by screams*}
Hey! Where'd he go to?
{*gasping in pain*} Stinking god foresaken mist

Ahhh.. {*attack sounds*}

[Intro: Crisis (ShoGun $$#ason)]

Wu-Tang trumps, sit around the round table
Straight lyrical jewels, sippin' on black label
Black Knights, Killarmy (all is one, in suspicion, yo, yo, yo, yo)

[ShoGun $$#ason]
I strike first, for my fangs got a blood-thirst

Eject to redempt the potion, low tux' wit hemo' tucks
Based on the circulatory, respiratory, and ya heart functions
Disruptin' ya nerve pathways, in the power of blood clottin'

Proteins that make ya heart burst, and the %#@!tin' gets worse
And this %#@! gets worse, cuz ya under attack
By a lone wolf and his pack of hungry wolves

Rippin' flesh off the bone, crushin' a microphone
And suck out the marrow, we been around longer than the pharaohs
From alpha to omega, y'all X ^!$$%z !@#^og like Sega

Sixteen bit computer chips
While I be movin' digital, online, downloadin'
My words be wearin' out ya brain like erosion

I got you trapped, surrounded, closed in
Usin' my senses, to smell the chemical
That seap through the pores of ya skin

Like Jacobson's organ, you better beware of this lyrical horseman
M.C.'s is gettin' tossed in, this rap rumble royal
Cuz our styles is scorchin', I'm champion, no one can contend

When I grab the pen and make my words blend
As I solicit syllables, drop jewels
Actual facts that leave full states cracked

I hit him wit the truth so hard, I knocked his melanin off his skeleton

[Rugged Monk]

The Rugged one out the pack, Mighty Bomb Jack in combat
Don't ask that, question: did we win or lose that?
Black Knights, black kings, the massive, cypher, Now King

Fatal stings wit punishment, Mike Tys' style is ruggedness
Hit the undergrounds hard wit the industries harder
The process of life, will bring the ghost right to a fight

To ya beginners, Black Knights creep like Supa Ninjaz
Lethal swordsmen slangin' all weak contention
Wit my razor sharp projectile, watch how I Black style

Always crack smiles and show my fangs
Blood drains down the bottom of my fangs
Lookin' for clues, the wolf pack was to blame

[Interlude: Doc Doom]
Aiyo, so stop smilin' (it's how it go)

M.C.'s stop smilin' (if you livin' in the ghetto)
Black Knights, Killarmy (nawhatimean?)
Presents the house, how it go down, aiyo

[Doc Doom]
My darts travel at the speed of light

So son take heed before you grab a mic
Doc Doom is dangerous and dangerously lyrics strike
Throughout the dungeon pit, spic ^!$$%z be lovin' it

Vow to never ever break the covenant
Black Knights, West Coast Killa Beez, Bobby Digital
Nowadays, rappers in this industry so trivial

That means materialistic, bring that %#@! through my district
And get ya top twisted like a Mystic
You midget, you talk %#@! and ^!$$%z live it, for real it's

'Bout as real as it's ever gonna get, right here, right now
Bang the underground sound that's world reknown
I'm like a pitcher on the mound, throwin' strikes to these rap clowns

So back down, Black Knight brigade, we bust like four round
Only !@$)gots pushin' my button like when phones dial (mutha$#&@a)
Now I'm the greatest sound that's world renown
I'm like a pitcher throwin' strikes -- aww! (yo)

When I penalize I paralyze, commercial ^!$$%z terrified
My peeps on the streets of Long Beach can verify
And we terrorize different divisions and never blast to scare ^!$$%z
Black Tec ^!$$%z, match the rap wit hand triggers

Easy access, you !@$)got ^!$$%z be theatric actin' in the gat fest
Use that $$# as target practice, blast liquid from a solid and
Then return you back to gases
Sharpshooters, sniper accuracy is what I mastered
Slugs leave you broken up, got that $$# open up

You talk all that, you're jaw jabbin' once ya dopened up
Scopin' us my rhymes blow minds like Cocoa dust
We the drinkers, we connect like Pebble Beach Scar' flicks
It's hard to think that sound of war got ya seekin' a shrink
Make big cats shrink, sit back and watch the Empire sink

As Black Knights and Killarm' get out the round table
Every swing from the sword's fatal, leavin' the industry disabled
Mutha$#&@as, get ready for this, we don't stop... (yo)

In the back, shootin' the pistols, return marsupial tissues

My brain is a computer, which launch nuclear missiles
That split you into halves, blood-baths, the first to last
When I walk into the room feel a draft, I'm cursed and mad
Hurt ya staff wit a verse from the past, I'm Killgrave
Wander court fields in midnight and drill pains
Still slaves in this drunken parade, blunts in the rain
Realizin' I got nothin' but change, dumpin' ya frame

Over water faucets, spin on ya side like Neptune
Gun you down in rest rooms, M.C.'s catch flesh wounds
On their ear lobes, sip my beers cold, sometimes appear old
Carryin' seven scrolls, peg-legged in Musketeer robes
And fear shows, dirty black pirate, the rap tyrant
Scientist psychiatrist, drink and attack clients
Track 'fiants when I step to the mic, weapon of light

Holocaust, you regrettin' ya life, steppin' to fight
Wit the humble young merchant, eighty minds in one person
They hop in and out time to time, that's why I'm cursin'
Who the $#&@ chump punks catch lumps and slump bunk?
Dumb struck, bench press dump trucks wit one thrust
Run just because you witnessed the scene, spit kerosine
That ignites on sight, War Machine, the terror fiend

Now the feast from the mind and the body, we still hungry
Watch my tongue bleed, blunt seeds, I'm real ugly
And twisted or tinted bizarre, I've travelled far
Walkin' late wit an eye-patch, braids and battle scars
.. Mutha$#&@as

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