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WARCLOUD lyrics : "Battleship Starship Warcloud Shakespear Cliff"

F/ Juleunique

[Intro: Warcloud]

Attention all crew members
Extra helpings of ice cream for the whole crew
Because I'm a pirate (pirate)

Yo yo my thought flow like a Naval ship

So stick to your m [email protected]#*cript
Get shot, what you got, acid couldn't handle it
Not once but three times, to understand mine

Detonate like a land mine to blow your franchise
Verbal optimistic, drop jewels like the diamond district
Your backpack will get your spinal twisted

Your %#@! ain't hot 'cause this is as hot as it gets
You're having your wack burned your disc
You're lifted off your feet with the Iron Fist

[Hook: Juleunique]
Aiyo, crash through, quick to smash, get your mask on the glass

Stash for a cop like Duke Nukem on your $$#
I'm laid back, chilling on fillet, fantastic equality
refined to build born in the sky we blasted

[Chorus: Warcloud]
An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or fruit

Heavy sterling gat, sour whiskey with bits of fruit
We bust crazy shots, extra on top when pissed
Your (*##$ caught a disease that's caused by handling fish

Exquisite breath taking war axe, flinging birds into trees

It ghosts like the river, some fill it with teas
Like a tropical sea, panoramic mechanic planet
Shiny witchcraft, is split half half-assed punctured channel

Greatest war mechanic, glamorous, navigation of zombies
Captivated zombies flew off like clay pigeons
Pearls stud by to still water from Horror Harbour

Gun water spout is superpatriot century
Brains un-gathered the carriers of violent death
Brains un-gathered the carriers of violent death

Intellect crept like ___ and ____
Challenge every Macy, and slap him out in my after time
Guards playing cards in the garage

Brazilian guards got Christmas $#[email protected]
Fixing slugs with the blood ^!$$%s, different monks
Angry noble pirates, vampire parrots with ___

Gun a great axe like ____ until I ___
Know you no champ like it was to cost him his life
Flow is gun ____, it was always slugs for both of them

Puffy bogarts, lucky shoes from Casablanca
I rip and shred a path of blood and wash your organs
Like right there, through endless crowds of screaming nightmares

And night flares, Tokyo drifter, the death statue
Laughing as I passed you and smack you, mismatch and blast you
Laughing as I passed you and smack you, mismatch and blast you

Polly state ball is best to warn the sense of me
Pursuing with a ritualistic, feverous villainy

My accurate tones throw like a javelin
We build with wise men, never build with no savage

Miss Cypher Divine, pledge remarkably extravagant
Grip microphone. spit accurate
Resurrect mental dead

Lazarus beyond the physical
Kill a rap henchman, walk like an Egyptian
Kill a rap henchman, walk like an Egyptian

Yo Yo Yo (yo yo yo yo yo)



360, we used to use peel bottle caps to play checkers
Cold blooded Miller, lyrical bone chiller
'Letters from a Killer', sliding the heavy trunk out
While (*##$es give me bubbly [email protected]*!s in the bunk house

I got a made name, Old Ghettolicious to Elvis
I crept off school, lick shots into your pelvis
Snuff you like designer fragrance, ancient as cavemen
Black bone haven, grey rose petals on gravestone
Spiral over here as soda, beer and pop off

Looked at by GG, in streets they call me Knock Off
Chop your block off, you shot me and got the hot sauce
Couldn't get the best of me, Cajun Indian recipe
I smoke Newports, you allsorts of madness
Deep like graffiti in Down Town Los Angeles

Hazardous, miraculous, chapters were read
And you got one feather pointed straight down in the back of the head
School room, shadow hall, disco globe, the blood ball
Gun flamed bandit, we oil painting the canvas
We oil painting the canvas

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Warcloud]
Mother$#[email protected], Los Angeles fabulous

Crash rocks, wax works
Collision centre
Make it cold as the winter in December
Sipping beers for different years
Yo yo yo, like tropical birds and reading the morning's paper
Butterflies as eagles, tropical birds and reading the morning's paper
An ancient paper (microphones)

Baffling House of Horror
Freestyle flows explore the corridor
Bash your head in with a lead pipe in the midnight of the twilight
Hit you with a handstand kick mother$#[email protected]
Ha, you can't $#[email protected] on us, it's too tropical
Like lullabies, like lullabies

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa