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WARCLOUD : Angry Men From The Graveyard lyrics

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WARCLOUD lyrics : "Angry Men From The Graveyard"

F/ Skarekrow, Vulgar

[Intro: Vulgar]

Stomping tip-toe in the underground
Vulgar and Warcloud put it down

Mysterious homes fly beneath surfaces
My mentals are dead men dispersing psychological curses

That's merciless, penetrating your bone vest
In other words they're capturin', you really think you can handle this?
Or can you battle this? Vandalize your mental

You're a creepy fist in bandages
Hunt your physical damages when the spider kicks
It's an ill kick, a psychic couldn't fathom it

Seven of a hardcore click, collabo' and Skarekrow music
You not lose this, your useless
Why don't you step on the track and give me your two cents

I make dick heads, in the Skeletor housey, with your lyrie powny
Like date powe drivey at the gay rape party

[Chorus 2X: Warcloud (Skarekrow)]
Vulgar and Warcloud stomping tiptoe through the underground
Beats knock with Skarekrow's sounds

(? Destination got your facing elimination in our town)


Cherokee white rose mixed with black garlic
I met a Church woman named Charlotte who was a harlot
She led the black Indian into a Spanish !@^% house

I drank a few beers, it was late one Christmas Eve
I carry a rotting skeleton load inside my truck wagon
Trouble ahead my castle has gone from cinnamon stone

My raps eat cannibal corpses so colonial
The behaviour of certain systems is ceremonial
Knock off tops, rare Galapagos, I'm doming homes

Swordplay, broken bones, massacres shatters chromosomes
Ultimate heavy cannon megaton blast
Sharp metal molecules tatter and splatter you mathematical

Stone bone nightmare crack like the San Andreas
Kayos is also the discipline that studies chaos
Heavy pin shoulders, Chinese fist boxing'

Gun finger clamming, my Clan is obnoxious toxins
Red cosmopolitan snake in the duel with one eye
Angel and the bad man razor vocals are coastal

Crash choking, approach you
Warcloud like John Wesley Hartom bombarded 48 men
Gunned one man down for snoring too loud

In an old whiskey town, yo lord word
My heavy sword is full of Devils in their Hells
Madly murdering on a black stallion valiant

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