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WARBRINGER lyrics : "Total War"

Thousands of soldiers march to their fate
Lambs to the slaughter, certain death awaits
Trapped on a field littered with bones

Nations of falling lying below

Now you march forwards- to die

Ten million bodies piled high
Mechanized engines of war spitting lead
Horrors of battle fill you with dread

Bombs are falling, death is calling
Fire raining from the sky
Blown to bits by a hail of lead

Fall without a reason why
Call upon gods of death
Fight! Awaken all your rage

Launch the attack, no turning back
Charge! Your destiny awaits
The order is given, over the top

Scream, for you it is too late

We'll give you what you've been waiting for-

Not ready to die, though your time will come tonight

Total War
Battle continues, will you ever win the fight
Total War

All the life that was in you, now is gone
Total War
The battle's over but the war rages on

Total War

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