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WARBRINGER lyrics : "Senseless Life"

From the moment you were born you were dieing
With one foot planted in the grave
Programmed by your surroundings

To react in a given set of ways

You can't think for yourself so you are already dead

Follow only the ways of your own, abandon laws of god
Held in check by convention, strangling free thought

Your choice is only consequence, eyes are stricken blind

LIES! Senseless lies
LIFE! Living a senseless life

Bred to swallow lies, to ignore the glaring truth
Do the world some good and resist
The urge to reproduce

Unable to be free, life's hopeless for you
Circumstance will dictate your every move

LIES! Senseless lies
LIFE! Living a senseless life

LIES! Senseless lies
UGH...Living your worthless life

Lead: Carroll

Heal the gaping wound between the mind, the body, and the soul

Cast off the chains which bind, for all time, regain control

Lead: Laux

Lead: Carroll

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