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WARBRINGER lyrics : "Prey For Death"

Heat beats down over barren wastes
Desolate realms of ash
Vultures circling overhead

They feed on your dying past
Victims of our need to consume
Strip the world of life

Can't sustain your decadent ways
How...can we survive?

End of humankind
And you know there's nothing left

Lead: Carroll

Parched with thirst but you cannot drink
The oceans melt away
Breed so you can eat the young

Keeps hunger at bay
Twisting mass of starving flesh
Hands held to the sky

Can't sustain these decadent ways
Knowing...it's your time

Left alone to die
Under the sun there's nothing left
Prey for Death

Rotting inside
Waiting to die

No one is spared from the march of time
End of mankind
End of all life

Nothing is left so you pray for death


Lead: Carroll

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