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WARBRINGER lyrics : "Abandoned By Time"

Lead: Carroll

Blood spilled upon the sands of time, the years passing by take their toll

Atrocities of ages gone, their tales forgotten and old
Another wicked tyrant reigns in terror, another city falls
Through thousands of years and millions of deaths we learn nothing changes at all

Lost from memory
Abandoned...by time

Through ages of depravity
Abandoned...by time

Though we thought the time was done when man preys on man like beast
Man is just an animal, its hunt for power will never cease
The ones who rule use you as a tool to meet their ends

Their hunger never sated,
their bloodlust infinite

Lost from memory
Abandoned...by time
A dark age of brutality

Abandoned...by time

Look at all the horrors

Across the centuries
Volcanic explosion
Brings kingdoms to their knees

Left a smoking ruin
Smoldering decay

Buried beneath the ashes
Lies shattered remains

Lead: Carroll
Lead: Laux

It all passes by, beyond your control your control
The march of time keeps pressing on, devoid of any sould
Witness your mortal life fade into the pass

As all you have known and all you have loved disintegrate into ash

Into ash!

Can't find a solution for your harrowing distress
Impermanence of all you see renders it meaningless

Those in your life one by one passing on
Who will speak of them when a thousand years are gone...

Abandoned...by time

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