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War Of Ages lyrics : "Salvation"

Ready, I am ready, breathe salvation.
Lord we hear your prayer, bring forth revival.
Rise, oh ancient one, breathe salvation.

We failed by the hands of man.
And laid claim to idols.

How selfish are we in the eyes of God.

You reject truth and lay claim to idols.

Fearing your demise, breathe salvation.

To those of you who hide behind your sorrows.

And cower in your time of need.
We must prepare our hearts for the demise of a nation, which lies in the palm of our hands.
Heed the warnings, focus not on what's seen and stand above the weakness,

For all who know Him stand to gain eternity.

Our hearts yearn for Your return.

Our hearts yearn for Your return.
Don't hide behind your weakness.
Don't hide behind your weakness.

Hear our cry, fill our hearts, Salvation.

Send Your rain, cover us in honor, we honor You.
Unfailing love is our God, we march into battle.

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