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War Of Ages lyrics : "Heart of a warrior"

We indulge in lust while our city burns to the ground.
As the heavens open we step forth through the flames.
Pour out your sight upon me.

Strip my heart and leave me bare so I may live free from
the very lie that hinders me.
I give my all to you.

You've saved me from my pain.
I'll hold true and never fall away.
As the flood washes over me I'll survive and follow you.

Come take this pride from me.

Lead me into a place of rest.

The only things I ask of you is that you hold me close.
Our suffering is at its end and now it's time for us to

Create in us a barren wasteland filled with flames of
burning pride.

From the ashes we will rise against the prophets of
staggered lies.
I now see why we must fight for our lives.

The earth will shake as the legions prepare.
This army is thicker than blood.
Stand as a warrior against our darkest fate.

We'll put an end to pride.
Our mere sight will cause the dead to rise.

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Thanks to alexandrap