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WANTED lyrics : "Claire Protas"

Verse 1:
It wasn't too long ago when they announced something, I felt i could've owned. They claimed it for me, they got hold of a letter. I didn't speak cause I didn't understand.

Pre chorus:
They took away the anticipation, the paper I wripped to shreds. They forgot about me and like a storm I kept raging on.

Don't leave me broken down, they say things happen for a reason. You led me to believe I had it. Cut me out like I've been ripped to shreds, cause it's all I wanted.

Verse 2:
Walking a mile too far ahead of myself. Getting back on my game feels like forever. You said I didn't speak enough, this is the last time I'm telling you I've had enough.

Pre chorus 2:
Sitting back and waiting is an endless storyline. When you close the door just watch who you've left behind.



Just watch and wait, watch and wait. Just watch and wait, watch and wait.


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Thanks to maria.01215