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WANDER OBSIDIAN lyrics : "Analog (Distorted)"

(pre verse)
Cackling maniacally
Before or after the razor slashing spree

Action packed of a gash in the face with some eyes rolling back
(Verse 1)
We never remained in touch

Assuming that his mind was snapped into a warped sense of perception that caused infringement on his psyche paled in comparison
Its a good thing our location was never announced in the conversation
Otherwise i never would have the nerves needed to submit the statement

Of the bleach chlorine complacency between a man and his comedy
Talk about a joke or three
With a smile as wide grand canyon and old rockies to match the sides of the grin

Trigger happy as night of the grinch
Knapsacking the kids napping snug and tight to a closing eye of open windows and a breeze in the night
Anyway back to the darkening night

The swoon of the moon as the toxins causes coughing as you suffocate
Suck it up youll be okay he says with the most menacing grin
(Verse 2)

Times a wasting again
Hes getting grayish within
His inner forehead that spins around the room as more pissed

He gets to be how pathetic
Too much of lack of regret to show much of smiling vex
Hes puzzle pieced perplexed

How much wood can a wood cut neck
Lack of thought in due process
Angered by show stealing vigilantes takes its toll i bet

Breaking a back just to place some set
Whatever happens isnt funny i bet.
Misunderstood to a point and yet

You can help but join in his company whether on purpose or by accident

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