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WALLS OF JERICHO lyrics : "And The Dead Walk Again"

Sick and tired
Of unlucky days
Many time life trick or treats

With heartache and chage
Like a broken record,
Nothing clever to play

I'm no good they say
What am I fighting for

Pack your bags
And hit the streets
With these dirty vocal chords

That will never be in key

These empty streets and dreams

You're not there looking for me
Walking dead

The only glory is the end

To crash into life

One more day alone
To hold the failures
That are my own

I've looked at my existence
I want out
Left torn down in our tracks

Where's your saving grace now?

The battle good vs. evil

Never come out on top
Hides behind misconception
This world turned itself on

My sanity is nowhere to be found
Walking dead

Only glory is revenge
Where's your saving grace now?

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