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WALLS OF JERICHO : And Hope To Die lyrics

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WALLS OF JERICHO lyrics : "And Hope To Die"

The world has been
Against you from day one
Tomorrows never promised,

Night has just begun
So sing with me
We're all $#&@ed

Cause this your hell
And this is your heaven

Unlearn what you know
But all you've been given

I sing this song
Hoping that you still care
Cause we still care

That all the broken dreamers
Are living this nightmare

This was written
When my heart and mind
Defined contradiction

There was nothing I could have done
Those days play on and on

Now I cannot see
What's written on your grave
I saw the white flag

Raised from miles away

I'm sorry not being there

Twice in one year

You must have felt so alone

Terrified of a hollowed home
The only thing hopeless is death

Desperate hope made you cry out
Someone end the pain
The only thing hopeless is death

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