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WALLOP lyrics : "Rapstar 2"

Verse 1:-
Who I am

I don't know anything
But I know one thing
Yes me Rap king

God particle supersonic beam
This Rap Industry Sound like Ice cream
If I'm not there then $#[email protected] mainstream

What the $#[email protected] is swimming pool
I'm the shark from the sea
You must have to say, you all agree

All functions are in built in me
I don't need any course, I don't need degree
My dog eat cat no pedigree

Rick Ross fit fat mayback cd
My mind my heart working for me
My soul my body dedicated to me

You people don't know what is Rap music
What you see all you hear is crap music
No deep meaning all gap music

This is Rap
What I say is fact
Amendment act

Man I'm bat
Stay on top like head have hat
More than Eminem (*##$ I'm bad

When I see opportunity I go grab that
Hold it fold it in bag pack that
My hunger exceeded, I need vaccinate

Subliminally give up feeling contaminate
But I $#[email protected] that, break that cut that feel
Never give up terminology I built

I don't stop, I run, I got skate wheel
$#[email protected] fate, $#[email protected] life, $#[email protected] destiny
Enemies six feet deep rest in peace

No peace in rest in your dream I will
To stay awake I take sleeping pills
Take this blank cheque (*##$ what's your bill


Verse 2:-

Music only thing that reach to the god
I send every day packages of songs
Once I ask him can you hear me god

He said, I Think you need judging squad
I'm crazy banger like Bermuda triangle
Inborn supremacy not $#[email protected] spranger

New star enter in Rap galaxy
NASA still saying what the $#[email protected] is he
(*##$ I'm hot more than Mercury

Whatever oppose me almost bury
Those are alive they will face fury
I give you the pain nobody cure it

6 billion people in this world
Take this claim of the single one
That's my confidence

That's my ambition
I go to sixth level in inception

All these Rappers what the $#[email protected] they do
Evil thoughts their mind occur
In the name of rap they play soccer

Rap don't need these @@#!y suckers
I'm rap animal, I'm priest in this game
After so long come feast in this game

Best rhymes, flow, beat mixture in me
Words in beat then masterpiece
Rap living in every single piece in me

Surround, around, oriented me
Belong, believe and faith in me
Always I run got skate in me

This is me, you see me right
Most imperfect always misguide
What I'm I don't deny
I was crazy in my hostel life

Verse 3:-
I'm the most uncontrolled human being
Loaded pistol 30 rounds in
My life is drums not violin

Rap is martial art, I'm shaolin
Play with me, be ready to loose
Mess with me you will get abuse
Always I drink snake poison juice
This is bull fight don't act like fool

Tonight all hoes right got my hood
How it's feel like dancing on wood
I will shock you no use of fuse
I always make this world confuse
I run Olympic without any shoes

Secrete revealed without any clues
Medicine useful without any flues
In MI5 I replace Tom Cruise
You can't imagine my Imagination
You can't define my definition
Set me in this game my only mission

Arrest me if rap is prison
Two locations, better and best
In-between them I play this game
Everywhere I see Improvement
Whatever I do, I do finest
Stone in my bone, no kindness
My destruction don't have witness

Strong is my emotional fitness
You are (*##$ I'm eyewitness
You can't hold me down I'm high jumper
You can't hold me back I'm long jumper
Damn I go hard my prize bumper
Success and crown that's why I come for

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