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wale lyrics : "WHITE LINEN (COOLIN)"

fly ^!$$% couldn't sell me enough different homes
and i be good til the fat woman sing a note

i'm tryna find light swimming up in this patron
i'm taking women to heaven and then i take em home
i'm waking up with something 20-something fly %#@!

wanna stunt %#@!, all that new designer %#@!
word.. she said she love me but she lying
%#@! i'm lying too!

told that (*##$ i love her for her mind
well that's quite true, bust-a-move, head game
never boo. watch that #[email protected] open

turn that sofa into a $#[email protected] pool
i'm playing cody, smoking stogies, make the rhythm better
i'm looking good in everything, but she look good in leather

call me @@#!y i love it
they be far from a sucker
i'm longer than em: i ain't talking no rockin republic

i don't shop in the public
ain't finna wait in line
this not a free throw, it's easier from the lay-up line

i got time, you got time too

you with the boss, baby, so when i move you move
let's have some drinks: malibu and how i do
and after that we do whatever we want to..

girl i'm in charge: that means i'm coolin
i have my own agenda: that means i'm coolin

pimp-stroll on em, you being cold on em

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