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wale lyrics : "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E."

1st verse:


When im gone the whole city miss me
Im on my UK %#@!
Get me

The eye of a Bengal shuffling my 8 gig
Y'all boomer, You need an MD
Like Esiason

Dominating of the East side shall commence
And I shall convince that im the truth yo
They try to block me like Munoz

I know my callings worth like phone card
I get brain everyday, Im a know it all
More birds then Noahs Ark; Who are ya'll

Keep talking but Noone knows none of y'all
Hit the green like running backs with no yards
No Hole, im playing with the floor

Overly Loquacious
They call me say word
^!$$%s say word

Just so happens mine they prefer
Yours they defer
We ahead of the curve

And they all looking like the girls on virgin
Cut beats, im a f**king wordsurgeon
Scalpel, sponge

This work


Under the spotlights

Neither black nor white
It doesn't matter
Do the dance (do the dance)

As strong as you might
Working day and night

What ever happens
Do the dance (do the dance)

2nd Verse:

On my way back home

Now im in the zone
My simcard's a bomb
They blowing up my phone

Kicks Hong Kong
Bape in a garment
The face of hip-hop

My DC audience
And you ^!$$%s will acknowledge this
Born again socialite, thanks climate

My climate is way higher then Lindsay Lohan nostrils on powder
Sorry Mark I don't want offend your sister's good friend
But when my pen get in

It pretends itself, it's an entity
And it interferes and gets the best of me
So im one with that

Im stuck with that
Y'all little $$# ^!$$%s can't f**k with that
^!$$%, It's a sign for a truck to rap

Little light in the $$#
But I muscle rap
And I must admit

I bring creotine to the scene
Your developmental league don't see a team
I got a stich lil ^!$$%

You can see my seam
Split Salvage my ^!$$% its in my jeans
Kick you my denim,bar

Kicks made you look,Nas
Riding in the black joint listening to Gnarls Barkley's
On DS y'all, DS flow like nothing y'all heard

Broke $$# ^!$$%s all see defered
Low cash ^!$$%s, broke $$# ^!$$%s
I don't f**k with y'all hoe $$# ^!$$%s
I be remy sippin and moet sippin
For all my 35 double O $$# ^!$$%s

Rittenhouse ^!$$%s, KDY ^!$$%s, Trinidad ^!$$%s
I got y'all ^!$$%s
DC Pimpin, Uptown Roamin
MoCo 1 2 4 when I go out
PG Ardmore where my ^!$$%s ball at

Say what you want, Largo where my home at
Do this %#@! for all 'em
Smoking on a marley
Rawer den a marlin
Fresh above the water

Say im not hot
Then you prolly on water
They prolly on water, they prolly on water
Prolly on water, They all on water
Acquire more bras then Zachary Morris

y'all all Screech to me
You released the beast and I play you lil' ^!$$%s like Lisa's %#@!
Y'all ^!$$%s don't worry me the least a bit
And a finger in the middle what I leave em with
I cant hear you little ^!$$%s in Ibiza (*##$
Wit some Leezbians who don't know English

f**k it, im done
Let me breathe hard like it was hard
Huh Huh
Huh Huh
Huh Huh
Huh Huh


Under the spotlights
Neither black nor white
It doesn't matter
Do the dance (do the dance)

As strong as you might
Working day and night
Whatever happens
Do the dance (do the dance)

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