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wale lyrics : "Too Much Talk (Freestyle)"

Bounce, uh? just a little freebie
This ain't even going on the tape, ^!$$% $#[email protected] it

This that overtime flow

It won't ever be beneficial for them to ever hate me
I work immensely and dream greatly
And for all my inner wisdoms I scribble daily

To get this fed-free fetti
May God bless it cuz my guess it ain't %#@! you could tell me
Let's get it

Tell these haters to catch up, hot dogging forreal
Peep the way this guy rolls, flat bread on that land

I'm just showing, improving, ^!$$%s told me I couldn't
Now they say I'm great all day man they just Johnathon Gruden
Baby scholarship student smart when she do that part

And I do fool with few these hoes but don't do so with too much talk
These (*##$es too much talk, these ^!$$%s too much talk
^!$$%s be deep as $#[email protected], it confuse that when using heart

#[email protected] ^!$$%s try to push me to the limit
Think it's all love jones 'till I perform as menace
A man has zero if a man has limits

Where I'm from, little $$# pass stones like bad kidneys
Get me doe, and it's on my mind but the same time
And today I wrote a great rhyme and read news of a new Columbine

The world good, it's the people crazy so we pray for Newtown
And I pray for truth and I pray profusely while shaking Lucifer
May God have us, in this time we ain't all together

We all pot, all day I hear you calling kettle
Call waiting, call blocked, no conversation
And I see nobody like a $#[email protected] coroner vacation

Shout out to my fam though
And I don't $#[email protected] with snakes but I got ladies up at FamU
D.C. get me, 'till her $$# see me

^!$$%s hating, have a glass of Fiji
You ^!$$%s parched, don't even start, you need Dasani
Your finest women you wine and dine won't see my lobby

Whoa Kimosabe, big balling is still my hobby
If a ball was one of these rhymes I'd get a scholarship with my rhyming, look
The Bo Jack of profound rap, guess they not hip

So they all burn from the highest man to not Buck yet
'Cuz I'd rather Raider, try not to date her but occupate her
And I floss your lady, her walls shake like a @@#!y neighbor

Folarin in the house ma'am
And after yoga get India with the Dao slim
One-fifty-one chilling on the couch bent

Feeling I ain't getting it 'cuz I ain't living on a mountain yet
The perfect night is a quiet woman and loud spliff
So now ? bumping ? %#@!

Serenade her with some words, spread them curves that's my goal
Since I blow and treat my [email protected]^% like a trombone
They may flow but they not dope, they just drive 'cuz they not fly

They may say we at a I but they not 'Le, they just lie
And a more than likely vacant, and I'm all the time booked
Reflected mine via the tongue like Jordan Five, woo

Like Lou Williams, I do numbers and I'm too serious
In that blue Bentley, it's true it's rented, got a new dead man
Ghost tinted like number suit, I'ma blow digits

It's no boob, for your old J's they gon' four-fifth ya
Olympic 9′s I been in, 'cuz all the dimes was training
I'm so in love with this hip-hop but I swear it changed when I got famous

Off the wall like MJ is, off the wall like I'm Vega
Austin Powers with gold, often see what I'm drinking
Double sleeve I'm a Anky, double cup I'm on TX

On out in BX with Frenchie ^!$$% $#[email protected] with me where I be at
^!$$% know I leave how I entered
And you leave without respect then you may leave out dismembered

And I see you Laurinaitis but my legion is different
You Dodge Ram and I'm large Benz and I'm G ^!$$%, get me? Doe

And I hear the talking but these ^!$$%s is talking Folarin
December 24th, Folarin

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