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wale lyrics : "The War"

Look, I just want to make you better
I think I could save you
But I think I'm bipolar. I love you then I hate you.

Grued this dame though I hate whoever aint you
Hate when I cant date you but I also need my space too
I made room for this love. How foolish of me

And every woman looking at you knew that you was lucky
So check the verse miss. I aint say I'm perfect.
But you was low on love, what I do; reimbursed it

And now it hurts to be around or converse with ya
And what's worse is before this i had worse with ya
Now war missiles hand guns and grenades

The walls I couldn't break em or take em apart with a tank
Now momma told me be careful who you love
G said just rap it up, these (*##$es actin up

And as for us, we was different though. Things have gotten difficult
Try to be Mr. perfect intercontinental, hold up
You spend your time with your friends all the time

And all that time with your friends put my momentum on decline
My minds gone evil. You changed with the season
You had a new clear heart. Guess I was Hiroshima

So now I need some Xanies, some Remy, and some reefer
So when this war is over I'm not PTSD'ing

And I don't wanna leave her. But you know I got me wondering
I'm scared to lose love but even more scared to love again

Why we gotta argue? Why we gotta fight?
I just wanna love you. I wanna make it right
It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for

So tell me why are we at war?

*Seinfield Skit*

Yea, they do (whatever they want. Whenever they want) And nobody else can stop it
I'm catching myself depositing these feelings she withdrawal from

And I aint got the gall to tell my guys el la baba
So I'm hurting. Me effort is apparent she not Frodo
The anger I've adopted. The feelings been aborted

So now I press ignore if ever Cupid tried to call up
They call me better now. See when everything is stopped
And your loves in hindsight and you see everything its not

Notice everything it wasn't. Realizing why it shouldn't ever be again
Cause in the end its not about what you put in.
$#[email protected] kissing and hugging. They love pushing your buttons.

New love is so beautiful. Time just makes it ugly.
But $#[email protected] it i accept it. no longer will neglect it
If a period is late then I will mark it with a question

That mean I never trust em. And if you ever love them
Know that favorite girlfriends turn into crazy baby mommas
The war

Now why we gotta argue. Why we gotta fight
I just wanna love you. I wanna make it right

It's like we both forgot what we were fighting for
So tell me why are we at war?

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