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wale lyrics : "The Posse Cut"

Born in a world of madness
Sick and tired of all this %#@!
Tolerance is for the fools

My last hope is a war

In this life they'll pay

Your heaven will never come
I'm not going to wait until I die

Raise your head and raise your voice
Let's start to kill

You better start to pray


Speeches are for those who believe
That just words can change the reality

Stupid rules of conformism
Transformed existence in a purgatory

In this life they'll pay

Terminate the authority

Blast the barriers with all your felling to kill
The power is at our hands
Crush the oppressor and thrash'em all

You better start to pray


Speak your mind

Begin the slaughter
Causing mass destruction
It's up to you

United forces
Die Hard
No remorse

hunt their heads
and show no mercy
It's payback time

Forget the law
Become a Violator

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa