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wale lyrics : "The manipulation"

Good Wale

I just wanna show you that I can better you

If ever you are feeling you are ready to improve
You ready for a move? We can bust it
I'm talking all emotion, the deepest of discussion

The deepest of your feelings
We can spend a weekend all alone, fully clothed, letting' you know, ain't even tryna hit it
Don't even need to listen to them ^!$$%s

You're reaching new heights, and I ain't kiss you just a little
I'll kiss you just a little, I promise it's forever
Highest form of respect, if you say you're not ready

Forever in debt to the lord for he's given
Something I'm not worthy of, the purpose of my livin'
The purpose of these lyrics, the source of my happiness, without you

Nothing in the world seems to matter, my honey (honey, honey, honey)

[Seinfeld skit]

Bad Wale

And I'm M.O.B.
I ain't no emo ^!$$%, I do not lean on women
I chase cheese I get it, nothing but cream I'm getting

I just acquire my scratch, I'm Primo with' it
I got an ego, big enough to let me know
Any chick come around me, is never gon' leave me broke

All this flow that I give em, I live by the code and I'll leave her
I'm bigger than the code, I'm game genie
%#@! is easy, these lil (*##$es need me

And I don't gotta talk about my feelings
So (*##$ watch your mouth, and wash them dishes after dinner
And wash your little [? ] and I'll dig you in a minute... get it

Silly $$# ^!$$% right there, he gon' show you that he care, he gon' tell you that he there for you
He gon' tell you what he prepared to do
And I'm the type of muhf**ka that'll share you, shoot

Don't 'nar confuse, I ain't a friend of you
The only time I'm concerned, is when I'm into you... yeah
Don't 'nar confuse... yeah... when I'm into you !#$* (!#$* � !#$* - !#$*)

Good Wale

(That's not no way to talk to a lady, man)

I know the time get hard, let me be their for ya

Live you & me, I can be the air for ya
I'm in a rare breed, extraordinary league
With anything you need, I'm Jeff Gordon to the scene

According to the stats, darling, we can never be
Fine women love losers, that treat 'em bad and cheap
I'll treat you like a queen, you rather be a slave

I'll show you I'm a gentleman, but you prefer a cave man
Shoe box money, and crumbled up 20's
I'll teach you 'bout equity and real estate honey

For honey, I will live, be a father for the kids
I'll show you there's a few good left that exist
The muse of a Tyler Perry flick that I'm is

You tired of this %#@!, than you can just sit with me... (however, whenever you want to baby)
My honey...

Bad Wale

(Hold the f**k up man, hold that %#@! up man, all that slow %#@!)

Yeah, (*##$ you need to sit on me
You like my conversation, I know I make you ^^&$#*

If your hungry, it's still M.O.B
We ain't never 'gon be, I'll be leavin' in the morning
I'm in a rare breed, extraordinary league

Your nothing but a muh f**kin lease (keep it movin)
See these hoes they manipulate
Have you buying liquor, then have you buying dinner 'til it's time to disintegrate

That's why this my mission statement, (*##$ get it straight
Money of honey, real ^!$$%s gon' participate
Thus we eliminate faith

Cause (*##$es can manipulate in several different ways
Yeah, I'm close minded, and never gon' change
And keep my account the same way... f**k outta here

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