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wale lyrics : "The Helium Balloon"

So you're the balloon, you've got that helium, and we travel with you through the string. So we're going up there with you even though we're on the ground. We can't fly, I can't sing, I can't make music, but I can get a-- I can buy it. So I can get a balloon. I can't fly, but I can get a helium balloon

I used to put my faith in the yarn, and now communication is gone
I agree we've gone distant, my new location the charts
Naw, mm, can't count the days, but let's just say five

Years, coming of age, it make you blow by your day job
So cry for me, wild for me
It's a horror story, eyes 20/20s that I-M-E your normal C

And I'd be different gettin' diplomas in peace
But gettin' applause and across, I'm hittin' Diplo for a beat
Slight work to Dahi, it's a purpose y'all see

In a world of dopplegangers, ^!$$%s ain't worth the copy
You capiche? You got me cold
^!$$%s'll fly you up this high, won't let you fly to the moon

Goin' up!

They love your moves made 'til you make moves

Achievin' new feats every few 8 shoes
16, took a ^!$$% dream different
Had SOBs lookin' like it's new Supreme in it

See that the line's been beastin'
The main attraction, I got 'em hangin' their cleats up
I've been keepin' it G

It's levels to this fellow, hello I resemble the cheat codes
Some %#@! good, some %#@! fly
Some love to see you blow, they don't want see you pop

%#@! good, some %#@! nah
Some %#@! recycled like second timers in Tour de France
First you picked up, now you pick the part

You get too fun 'til your core fans au revoir
They like, "You stuck with us, cause you let him fly"
Swear this life is like a helium balloon, I'm sorry

But I gotta fly

[Jerry Seinfeld:]

Now when a kid gets a helium balloon, he's holding that string and he's keeping this balloon from going anywhere. But he also wants to let it go

Gave you a contract, stay true through all that

Came through with Ross, writin' bangers for y'all
But I ain't lose my content, $#[email protected] all that nonsense
Diverse with rappin', I'm a writer with passion

Tell the purist that laugh I don't reach out for daps
Cause "No Hands" triple platinum
Better writings for retail, why not see my detail?

Gettin' box office spins, only box I fit in
Is by thigh on a female
So they hatin' me for that, sayin' I just make women songs

It's perfect style every, versatile got me right where her walls at
Still know what my core needs, so $#[email protected] who ignores me
For I need ^!$$%s, I purchased 3 mirrors and show y'all what's for me

[Jerry Seinfeld:]
So he wants to let it go and he wants to catch it. Eventually he loses it, he doesn't want to lose it

Why they give a $#[email protected] about the songs I write?

As long as my tugs and my fans been nice
Movin' forward with my life
Crucify me, man of Jesus Christ

Man I do 'em no favor
Cause 'nough of them are traitor
Them a real bite, biter

Them are try take your glory and your energy
Buffalo soldier
Send us a sentimental gangster

I mean a sinner, boy me 'fraid of
Them are try take your glory and your energy

Whatever, tell 'em it's whatever
Wanna see me good or never see me better?
$#[email protected] 'em, can't say nothin'

Cause the same hand heal you might cut you
$#[email protected] 'em, you ain't sayin' nothin'
Cause the same hand heal you might cut you

Whatever, tell 'em it's whatever
Wanna see me good or never see me better?

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