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wale lyrics : "The God Smile"

I shine
You shine
We fall

Girls kissin' me all out, Christian Dior'd out

We gon' hold this city down 'til we see the whole city up
(Go shine, go shine your light on me
Go shine your light on me)

A1 when I'm on site, my day ones never think twice
Same one that get all the hate, through it all I illuminate away
(Go shine, go shine your light on me

Go and shine your light on me)
Nah nig, nah nig
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ^!$$%

Don't you doubt it if you was my ^!$$%
We ain't fall out so you still my ^!$$%
Don't always call you but you've been my ^!$$%

You're still the same, ^!$$%, it's just the trust

^!$$% when you work hard

Used to get the outfit up off Curt Bone
We done came a long way from the all day store
And now spending 8 somethin' out Bergdoff

Word up, pray to God that my self good
Stand close to my rivals
Like you got a job they would kill for

It's all good cause the flow is to die for
My God, ^!$$% life like a dice roll
And it's twice hard throwin' 'em with mics on

I hit 'em with the rap, everybody slept
Then I came back, killin' everybody's nap like a hot comb
At Saks 'bout to cop more

And cop more if they got more
And come back if they got more
Middle finger to them folks, tell 'em GABOS

Cause this game ain't based on sympathy
Know that fame will steal your energy


At 21, played running back

24 I had the city mad
Slim Charles in the Y now
You could say me and him brought the city back

Used to hustle in hand-me-downs
Now I'm whippin' the Camry 'round
Hit licks in Baltimore

Gettin' Hip-Hop chicken in like Kevin Liles
Uptown, I learned a lot
Suburbs taught me good

The white girl destroyed the black neighborhood
So white boys can run the world
White cops is goin' to war

I write thoughts and put 'em in songs
And the devil around the corner
It's all good cause the God is livin' in you

Cops can look in the bag
Tricky to man so can you read a mind
And they used to go to madness, and I ain't really have it

Somehow they let another Eddie advance
Well I shine for the ^!$$%s that passed
So my ^!$$%s in the pen got me pushin' a pad

Back in the crack era, daddy whippin' a cab
But now I'm pushin' a camper doin' a similar route
One time, [?] meets Jay Hov

Marion Berry meetin' with Barry O
This is Lil Wayne meets Wayne Perry
This is bad brains from the go go

I'm in tears so I'm thankful
Cause I got haters and I got flow
^!$$%s can't tell me nothin', I got this %#@! jumpin'

From the white house to the black hole
Don't let no lame tell you differently
(*##$ I'm the savior of the DMV


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