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wale lyrics : "The Girls On Drugs"

Hey! Happy Festivus everyone!

I promise you ain't never really freak out until you be out at freak hours and see each and every freak out from free couch to free couch

[Chorus x4:]
We go deep and we don't get no sleep

Cause we be up all night until the early light

Man these ^!$$%s ain't serious

Do you know what type of women I've been dealing with?
I used to pop blues with my lil' (*##$
I call her boo cuz her real one I will forget

I use a Uber to scoop me to SLS
What you expect, a little groupie to see my crib?
Oh no, these ^!$$%s ain't serious

Do you know what type of (*##$es I've been dealing with?
Try to tell me adderall make her get a rush
Used to use it to study until she fell in love

Told me that lil buzz just make her think a lot
Told her "Nah you lying, cuz you don't eat enough"
Nah Nah Nah

These women ain't serious
She sprinkled a little something up in her lip
Start sipping and now she sweating, her lips clenched

Kind of dizzy, her friends tell her to get a grip
I'm trying to get me a real woman to take out
But for now, they're wild

They rather get it in


Girls on drugs
Girls on drugs
Girls on drugs

Pills and subs when them beers ain't enough
They still need love

[Chorus x2]

In her purse where her hand go

She disperse by the handful
Coco make her go up
Nothing popping, pop a zan when she laying low

Bars to break, so many bars to break
She at the Grammy's turnt, none of the stars is fake
She like "Oh my God, I'm on the moon and %#@!"

And my particular moon like a platoon and %#@!
You know the ^!$$%s I be dealing with
Politicians and ^!$$%s living it on the rip

And my position to give this %#@! to little kids
Is not official unless I'm giving them authentic
We're all living with small demons

We're all sinning, it's all similar
Broads with us and they bong hitting
Let me tell you about the (*##$es I've been chilling with

The really insecure ones look good as %#@!
Nothing fill the void of a little pill
A little shot, she ain't shy when the %#@! spill

And it's hard to feel alive when you're feeling dead inside
Beside that the lime light be so real
Let me tell you about the (*##$es that I kick it with

Told me nobody love her and so she cut her wrist
Not enough for the hospital but cut it close
That's why she want to get high because she's feeling low

Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke
So I could numb her insides and we will never know


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