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wale lyrics : "THE CLOUD"

They More Nothing
One Two One One Two

One Two One One Two
One Two One

Lets Get High Kill These Lows
Let's get fXcked up to the bone

Blowing Trees Yeah We Do The Damn Thing All The Weekend Weekend

Lets Get Up Lets Get Down

Come Wit Me You'll Smoke Around
Beggin Please Don't Be Shy No It Ain't No Secret Secret

Yeah Wale

Yeah A ^!$$% Been Coit (Yeah)
Married To This Rap %#@! And Ya Just Go Wit It
Oh Here We Go Again Eyes A Lil Lower I Be Four To On When Im Three One Oh In It

High Grade Karma Pass Me The Ganja
I Swear To God I Hit It Like Im Garciaparra
Far From Alarm I Just Park Wit My Problem I Probably On A Star (*##$ Im Farther Than A Martian

Pardon My Absences Im Actually Far Out Of Town Wit A Pound
(*##$ Im Parked On A Comet Fried
Than A Mugg OG Kush I Need Another Name Huh Starts In The Garden

Holla Shes Chung And Florarin Only Get High When My Lows Come Often

Hoes Out In Boston Hoes Out In Crofton Hoes In Dakota My Hoes Keep Talking

Huh All We Ask Is Trust All We Ask Is Good To Deberate The Dutch Never Late For Lunch Never Suede The Uh If You Killin Your Lows Then Hunny Raise Up

Lets Give Up Smoke That Dro We Gonna Smoke Till We Can't No More

Smoke That Weed Then We Do The Damn Thang Every Evening Evening
Lets Get Smacked Lets Get Fried Lets Do Anything You Like
Huh I Can't Sing It Tc You Got It

Uh Lets Go


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