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wale lyrics : "The Arrival"

Somewhere blowin loud floating low dreaded out
Love a dark sister but ran through lights like medic routes
Who here compare to Ralph

Blacks by the double
Kilimanjaro I get high by every pair I mount
I'mma let that (*##$ breathe $#[email protected]

And I'm doing find but them suits lying and I see you suckers
Fear not I'm you cicadas (*##$ I'm still buzzin
And my wrist rocky cause I beat up a little clubber, too

Making moves with that made crew, shoot
And to think that I almost did trade school
Now I kick that Liu Kang mixed with Wayne Rooney

First album sleepers, but second album groupies
I'm' bout to show you broke, my next one a movie
Cause third times the charm, that's word to Sam Bowie

And my ego will not change
But this %#@! so wack and the chips must stack, there will be no Frito Lay
Ok, I'm winning competition who is it?

Ralph in that new edition and that's no Ralphy ?
All my posse official and my policies simple
Keep your faith in your god, family over the business

Here ^!$$%s be at odds and get even with pistols
Ed Hochuli nah, my partners is more official
And I'm at that mall again, balling for that %#@! I been through

And that large grip is just small %#@!, like that %#@! from Shih Tzu
My pencil a get to everyday people when due
Got a nice crib but I'm outstanding like Mr. Window

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