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wale lyrics : "SUNSHINE (REMIX)"


[Intro: Wale]

May the optimism of tomorrow be your foundation for today


The spotlight on my fans
Sunshine, I canâ??t tell a lie
Want me to say what they just wanna hear now

Want me to say what they just wanna hear now

[Interlude: Wale (Rick Ross)]

I canâ??t lie I feel quite phenomenal today baby, yeah
That new black soul %#@!, this that new black soul
That new black soul

Bounce, bounce
Itâ??s so soulful at the moment
(Iâ??m just happy to be apart of it)

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Born to be poor, chose to be rich

Black Panther party, ^!$$% hold up your fist
Food on my plate, gold on my neck
^!$$% lace up your sneakers and go and get some respect

Cover my body with ink, I never cherished the flesh
And buy a funeral home because ^!$$%s bury the best
Which is sad to say, but did you graduate?

Debatinâ?? Ivy League over the UCLAs
I struggled at math therefore perfected my craft
In the back of my mind I said â??Establish your staffâ?

Right or wrong ^!$$%s make mistakes
You shed your tears and then you wiped your face
You hold your head to the sky, you put your face in the light

Makaveli the Don, I pray I make it tonight
They never said that the odds were fair
Now we standinâ?? in line for that Obamacare

Pray for a better today, bring my brother home
^!$$% murdered a child, what the $#[email protected] you was on?
I just wanna let my top down

But Iâ??m still runninâ?? from the dark cloud
It got me prayinâ?? for some sunshine
You got me prayinâ?? for that sunshine

And Iâ??m prayinâ?? for a better day
Iâ??m just prayinâ?? for a better day


[Verse 2: Common]

Iâ??m drinkinâ?? Cabernet, think of better days
Rock â??til my beard is gray like Frank Bev and Maze
In this maze they called us the black rats

Because we trap from the projects, we stack that
Hopinâ?? I reach twenty one, ^!$$% black jack
Blackstrap molasses in the backpack

Dreaminâ?? of the #[email protected] that I slept on, cat nap
Moon walk like Mike Jack, but never backtrack
I hold the MAC that

Them panthers and the black cats used to hold
The Kendrick Lamar Odom cause I lose control
When it comes to dope raps, yeah ^!$$% you can quote that

Used to hold back like a masseuse
The fruits of my labor is to produce
On Netflix watchinâ?? Juice

I wanna 2pac the people
That mean keep â??em regal, at the same time lethal


[Verse 3: Wale]

I donâ??t like to boast but they ainâ??t touchinâ?? the flow (nope)
$#[email protected] a therapist, I put everything in this cone
My only fear is marriage she scared of bein alone

She settle for this bread so therein should be a trophy
Iâ??mma prolly marry somebody already familiar
VH1 10 and Iâ??m not thinkin about these (*##$es

Can do without opinions
Another brother caught up in the business
Had that lock since I lost my scholarship
I been gettinâ?? it to my old coach and ballinâ??
Rose gold was forty, dopest ^!$$% recordinâ??

Make hoes sprint the 40
See me I thought money would change it it got worse
But its alot better than screamin â??who got work?â? (who got work?)
From opening up for Back to packing out 9:30
I never sold crack when crack rappin was workin

With that fact its back packin and murkin
Gettinâ?? that Bobby Heenan while you Mr. Perfect

We ainâ??t posed to never ha-

We ainâ??t posed to never have

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