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wale lyrics : "Street Runner"

[Verse 1]
The nerve of these ^!$$%s, they acting like they done already made it
Practice make perfect, so perfect'll be my mama's maiden

These ^!$$%s lame and uneducated and constipated
What I lay every statement should be the defecation
My denim made by respected Asians, I dress amazing

My shirt so crazy I get away with some Sketchers Shape-Ups
Such a lie for I couldn't get up out these Nike's
Number five Tokyo don't even know the price

(*##$, we balling like we ain't harvesting for tomorrow
We ain't no gangsters, but we gone mob up before we borrow
Gold bottles, flow getting me Asiago

With braggodacio like Randy Macho Man off the top rope
And my slim jim is designated to your lady
Now that Benz friend, I'm sliding in that new Mercedes

Or whatever her name is, she just likes to get famous
And I bet she see the light, know that's Benjamin Franklin


[Verse 2]

Look, is this what you predicted? Look what you becoming
It's funny privacy limits even though I'm living with comfort
How can you really do it? How can you really love it?

When women who never loved you is showing you so much of it
Real ^!$$%s respect me, I ain't switch up my image
Real women respect me, they can tell that I listen

And little ^!$$%s is mad that I'm winning
They got opinions, but got no (*##$es
Won't pop a pistol, pop up a midget

God bless 'em, my cigar fill with all my stressing
Don't own a mirror, but made a million simply reflecting
Tell my respecters on Malcom X, I apply the pressure

Lucaya closed from a line of row, no lying, go check it
And I do this for the coaching
And I'm hoping I can motivate and do it big as Oprah

Word, real ^!$$% %#@!, you might gone need some help
Hit the scene, guillotine, ^!$$%s head off theirselves


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