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wale lyrics : "Slight Work"

Got work (slight work)
D-Town to the DMV
Diplo wassup

Got your girl going crazy
Drunk white (*##$es
(work it, wo-wo-work it, oh)

[Wale - Verse 1]
I can do it all and it aint no problem
Ain't nobody harder than a ^!$$% Folarin

(*##$ I hard, I'm ballin' I'm globe trotting
And my flow art my ^!$$%, I'm Mozart with it
It's all good, I do this

I turn a straight prude (*##$ into a nudist
Foolish I be on that new %#@!
And I'm blowing up like (*##$es we went to school with

Ain't nobody checking for your garbage
Lot of intuition I aint even finish college
Never hit the mall and forever get it all

Any broad better layer like I'm dressing for the fall, ^!$$%
And I'm all that, hit the passenger door
Shawty was Pinkberry sweet and I aint lactose

I aint tryna brag tho, I'm just know I'm that dope
Kick game Bo Jacks, my Bo Jacks Tai bo
Haha, and it aint no problem, you race to these broads

I relay 'em, baton 'em
(*##$es in here, one thou
But when you step out why the (*##$es run out

Double MG %#@! I put the set down
Rick James back, bad (*##$es on the couch
Ahh, wordplay, Olubowale my first name

I think I'm Koko B. Ware, you just a bird babe
I got a pair of J's, I roll a pair of J's
We up in Diamond supply, spending that carrot cake

Let it marinate, you forever late
A million home sellers couldn't find a real estate

(Work it, work it)
Slight work, its light work
(Work it, work it)

The wrong drink, the right work
Slight work, light work
(Work it, work it)

The wrong drink, the right work
work, work, work, work
work, work, work, work

work, work, work, work
[Big Sean]
(*##$ you ain't a boss til you cut a pay check

Only thing between me and your (*##$ is latex
Man, and I ain't into saving these hoes
My ^!$$% tell me where you see a cape at

B-I, B-I (*##$ B-I-G
The two things I don't need are you and my ID
I'mma need a yellow cab and a yellow bad (*##$

Green faces but a ^!$$% dodging yellow badges, woop (sirens)
Cause I'm drunk, yeah ok
Under 25 living the f-cking life

White America said I'll be doing 25 to life
And just for that, I'ma blow 25 tonight
You make 25 a year, I make 25 a night, woah

Blucka, blucka, blucka
(*##$ get hit with my Ciroc Vodka choppa
(Go) takin' body shots, blocka, blocka, blocka

Probably in your girls dreams, probably in your daughter locker
Top floor like I'm out tanning
And they stole your whole delivery, now that's outlandish

I guess like good delivery, man, I'm outstanding
Car tinted, I'm in it, til like I'm out camping, goddammit
I'm one hell of a guy, looking down on a cloud, that's one hell of a high

(*##$, I gets ghost, the way she screaming Big
^!$$%s couldn't tell if I was dead or alive

You already know, Finally Famous in this
D-Town to the DMV,

Probably got your girl going crazy, crazy, boy, boy, boy
From the D-Town to the DMV, I got all these bad (*##$es tryna get with me
From the D-Town to the DMV, I got all these bad (*##$es tryna get on me
We need to see ID

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