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wale lyrics : "Rotation"

(Ft. Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz)

[Hook: Wale]

Trying to stay in my zone
Watching enemies close
They be doing the most

So I go through the motions
Five blunts in rotation, five blunts
Five blunts in rotation, five blunts

Five blunts in rotation, five blunts
Five blunts in rotation, five blunts

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Good head is my motivation
Gas her up like a service station

Purple drank on you perpetratin'
While you perpetrating, I'm renegotiatin'
Ah, let me think about it

Ah, it's like a bank around me
When the soldiers with me it's like a tank around me
And I don't like ^!$$%s saying "cain't" around me

I define the odds, 2 Glock nines is my body guards
Ain't nothing slick to a can of oil
Roll up, I'm high as $#[email protected]

Some of you ^!$$%s ain't try enough
Some of you ^!$$%s ain't buy enough
You smoking good, put your lighters up


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
A ^!$$% like me don't smoke blunts so I keep those joints in rotation
Bad (*##$es calling the radio, keep my joints in rotation

Keep throwing money on her $$#, she keep that joint in rotation
First I'm in a car and then another car, I keep them joints in rotation
And I'm hella faded - getting elevated

She give me them good brains - I'm getting well educated
Soon as them hoes see my car, they wanna jump right in
If you see my crib, you would think I was Malibu Ken

Pour a shot or two of gin, go and invite a few friends
We done tried a few things now you tryna move in
You ain't gotta dude and so I got a few fans

I'm a roll a few grams and follow through with the plan
Hold up
Pour some gin in her cup - she taking shots

Bend her down to the front - she taking shots


[Verse 3: Wale]
One more to get my lungs warm

Two more to get me numb to it
Let me tell you ^!$$%s
Feel this, he'll realize

I gotta deodorize all the unsure
Made millions with Shawn Corey
Chief a lot, shout out Reese and them

Shout out ? and Lil Meech
And peach Ciroc, can't see a ^!$$% writing like an old sharpie
Like a ^!$$% out the globe, with a ^!$$% throwed

Like a cornerback in the flat, ^!$$% in the zone
Like an ornament on a tree, home in the tree
How you gonna eat? Carnivores need beef

Well I need beats
Been doing this, been proving it
Now these ^!$$%s give it up like they do at Lent

I just be like "Yep!" then I get a rest
Haters trying to $#[email protected] with me, give 'em nuts like a stewardess

Ohhh, tryna stay in my zone
I ain't ready to go

And I thought I was on
'Til I seen Puffy Combs

[Verse 4: Wale]
Five blunts, ^!$$% fired up
^!$$% might slide off with y'all joint
I got some later joints, and now joints
I got emergency hoes, like firetrucks

You a wannabe clone, you never authentic
You never boss up, we never see y'all out
You be frontin' too hard, you ain't [email protected]*9
You just wanna be hard 'til you see all us


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