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wale lyrics : "Purple Swag (Freestyle)"

This is for my ^!$$%s gettin' high on the regular

This is for my (*##$es gettin' high on the regular


My shirt, Purple Label my shirt
Purple haze in my J, Everything purple ^!$$% $#[email protected] up

Fresh off the road two mil on it, A little ^!$$% with a little money
And to be honest I fathered a lot of brothers in this mother$#[email protected]
I think I'm mother$#[email protected]' Phil Drummond

Real live ^!$$%, straight ^!$$%, still love it
And I ain't talkin' bout the J's got new 11s
I am talkin' bout whoever, whoever say it's a 9

If she mine I'mma take her to a newer level
Who better, take your time, take your time like a new Bezel
I got rich from a little struggle

I'm like roots, you a new shovel
And I'm the truth ^!$$%, still wellin'
In a Rello, cigarillo to the cerebellum

Rich Forever, Double M, we forever winnin'
A ^!$$% throwin' up the set, how ya stomach feelin'
Probably sick of a ^!$$% livin' how a ^!$$% livin'

Even better, come and get it, see my pen is illin'
Eyes low, widest eyes, 5-4
Pockets probably like fried food

Turn a good ##&*%$ into a typhoon
I don't understand how y'all move
'Cuz y'all don't understand I will not lose

Who trill as me, roll two of tree
Y'all truancy, I'm high school
And everything is purple

And my Ralph Lauren be earth-tone
And Now I'm sippin' syrup slow, I'm out H-Town
With young Kirko, and that H right on my belt loop

I call em up, they might fall through
And my main (*##$, she just started school
And my weed man should just sell flutes

High on loud when I be ridin' out
I'm on a thousand islands like McDonald's cows
^!$$% G's up, like the team is up

Y'all be in love, like the Howard crowd
My direction good, well-rounded type
When I'm down and out, I get up and right

^!$$%s from where I'm from they don't $#[email protected] with fights
When it's trouble, they blocka and $#[email protected] a life
For a $#[email protected]' Nike or a couple sprites

So my cup is full, too much pain to fight
And I'm indecisive when the things are light
Never miss these things, see my game precise

^!$$% everything is purple, And these MC's is Urkel
You send me beats via email, I'mma send them back in a hearse
Look purple label my shirt, Purple %#@! in my cup

Purple haze in my J, everything purple ^!$$% $#[email protected] up

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Thanks to alexandrap