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wale lyrics : "Please listen"

I just wanna get my cool on in this
Jazzy... slam
Judah just count me in

[Verse 1:]
All I need is the notepad

A bottle of remy I can jot down the prozac
I'm so intact so I stay sharp
My desire to never fall leads me to hitting walls

It's a war with the enemy
Writing verses could be a freestyle or something written in a week
Ain't finna peak yet

I just freeze 'em with the free, it's like my freestyles cleavage
And my songs when they reach they official
So unsip the bra be in awe from the nipple

It's so simple
To see things from a genius perspective when my competition ain't much
I ate lunch but the? is running in me

I'm looking at your dinner feeling like there's nothing in me
It's nothing iller, than emcees that don't come with it
Like a tongue that don't find Clinton

Go head Joe, go head ho
She ain't tryna go low go head home
And I don't think homes, I just blank out

Abuse paper run thru it 'til the inks out
Like Ashanti, hip hops bounty
Hunter, young'n in the fader like laundry

Hoes love me get blown like lawn leaves
And then I bounce like cars out in Long Beach
A far reach from them rap dudes, yeah

Them ^!$$%s spittin while I'm dishing out a typhoon
I write tunes, I'm hoping that they dig it
I break from what you hearin

Please Listen


Please Listen
Yes, yes

Please Listen Man
Please listen up
Please Listen Man

Please listen up
Please Listen Man
Please listen up

Please Listen Man
f**k it it's hip hop these ^!$$%z don't give a damn

[Verse 2:]
Catchdubs you a motherf**ka
No motherf**ka dug it 'til you motherf**kin brung it to 'em

Them label motherf**kas suckin every other young'n
They swingin wood like them motherf**kas nunchucking

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