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wale lyrics : "Oliver Twist (Freestyle)"

Twist are we good, are we good?
All the [email protected][email protected] in the back of your hood!

?never sat with a good $$# ..and a [email protected][email protected] might love that!
Yeah! Bring the right flow!
MOG ? [email protected][email protected] like a life show

That weed on me, the tobacco
And them hating $$# [email protected][email protected], we ain't like those,
no, no, we are not those

And I drop top off?
..but I got hoes, so fly, we are saying, we ain't got those.
We're exclusive? they never do %#@!

And I'll be talking about?
I got the whole damn world on?
?so we're good, and we're good

?the [email protected][email protected] in the back, we are?
Stand by, never sat with a good $$#
[email protected]^% go back, and a [email protected][email protected] might do that

$#[email protected] that? get the money, when I ride, the whole town gets sunny..
[email protected]^%s hate us, we're famous, so I never blame them
I'm just saying they're mad cause I don't make much?

Break it up?
..she never been to South East
..thirty minutes to the?

We ain't speaking so much %#@! as?
Work, work, work, work!

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