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wale lyrics : "Never Never Freestyle"

Folarin, go
They say never say never, but forever is so far away
Penny with a hole in it the bubble on my Hardaways

Is one away, all the way, always go for dolo
I'm goin' bloody insubordinate up in the polo
Jordan prolly bored doe, music got me more dough

Si papi, each of my crew gets gluteus as gordo
Maximus, Maxima, Acura to vroom - $#[email protected] it
Got them got you open bars like open ????????

Hoppin' out the new ???, 11 like whoever can get it
I'm goin' in, you eatin' Checkers for dinner
I soak it in as a moment, I'm on it, temporary forever

Twitter (*##$es livin' for me, they be carpe diem-ing
I'm a writer, but arsonist really
I get dollars where humble ^!$$%s with positive energy

I'm the voice of the city, Rozay, Stalley, and Milly
She know I'm mongoose, she start ridin' my willy
No really, used to whip the Bentley 450

Go up Bowie, and tell professors they better get me
G-get me doe, somebody get me doe
Ice cold frigid flow, iceberg history doe

Never, never, never could they $#[email protected] with me
Never, never, never could they $#[email protected] with me

Never, never, never could they $#[email protected] with me
Never, never, never could they $#[email protected] with me

[Verse 2]
Never, never, never could they $#[email protected] with me
It's like I'm in the clouds and they fearin' height to some degree

Got a bunch of sneaks, a ^!$$% be flossin' too much
Never keep broads for too long, women be talkin' too much
And to be honest ^!$$%s get smarter when I be drivin' what's up

^!$$% we're talkin' stupid moolah 'til the Gallardo pull up
I'm out my mind and I know it, bad joant got some roll-up
Every joant that I'm shown in built up like Mrs.Bozak

And that's a Martin reference, you don't get it carry on
I'mma drop it real on you lil ^!$$%s, Tommy Strong
I just be flowin' a little when I be on the strong

And occupy a couple coroners after the song
You can't compete with me, I won't compete with y'all
My queen from out a magazine, your joant from out the mall


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